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2015 Studebaker Drivers Club Meet, Talmadge, Ohio - Part 2

We'll start the second installment of our series on last Saturday's Studebaker Drivers Club meet in Talmadge with a look at the Larks.


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2015 Studebaker Drivers Club Meet, Talmadge, Ohio - Part 1

The Ohio Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club gets together in Talmadge in late August every year for what is touted, quite accurately, as the largest one-day Studebaker meet on the planet.

Studebakers! Bunches of 'em!I attended the 2015 edition last Saturday, and there was a lot to see. Too much to fit in just one post, so we'll have to spread it out over the whole week. Here's the first installment.

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August 24 Weekly Open Thread

It was a beautiful day in Northeast Ohio last Saturday, perfect for walking around the Studebaker Drivers Club Ohio Chapter meet in Talmadge.

Studebakers!I'll have a full report for you, starting tomorrow, on the many delightful and interesting cars I saw.

Today's discussion will deal with an automobile I saw there that is anything but delightful. In fact, one might go so far as to call it disturbing. We're talking about a vehicle that flirts with Ssangyong Rodius and Fiat Multipla levels of wrongness. Before you scroll down or click the "continue reading" link, just remember: once you see something, you can't un-see it.

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Carspotters’ Challenge #149: Jackson Street, Roseburg, Oregon

We’re still in Roseburg, Oregon!

RoseburgOR1960s_1500As you can probably tell, there’s still plenty to see. Care to share?




References: Pinterest

The One That Didn't Get Away: Schwinn Continental II

A bit of a diversion from our usual automotive fare, but I hope you, gentle reader, will indulge my nostalgic bent for a few moments. 

A couple of years ago I did a post hoping to start a trend (yet to materialize, sadly, get with it, guys!) on a topic that we here at Car Lust have batted around on occasion, The Ones That Got Away: "Vehicles that P8120178 we either had and let slip away or ones that we had a chance to buy but neglected to take the plunge on. . . .until it was too late."

That particular post had to do with what was probably my first vehicular Lust, the Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle. In passing, I mentioned that I had moved on to a Schwinn Continental II tourer, and that I still had it. In fact, I still do have it and thought I might throw it out there for a bit of old-timey bicycling memories. 

The 1970s were many things but, as we've discussed here many times, were not the paragon of what many would call an automotive renaissance. Be that as it may, the decade had a few things going for it. For one thing, fitness. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pumping Iron came out in 1977 and introduced the country and much of the world to the previously obscure sport (let the arguments begin) of bodybuilding. Up to that point, "working out at the gym" usually meant a few dumbbells, barbells, a medicine ball, and maybe a punching bag, usually by people who looked more like Robert Mitchum than Flex Wheeler.

That wasn't the only thing. Jim Fixx's Complete Book of Running also set off something of a craze for jogging, and its concurrent explosion of fancy schmancy running shoes (and, unfortunately, track suits). And to think, we used to run around all over the place in plain old sneakers

Cycling also got in on the action complete with its own movie which I actually don't remember ever seeing but probably had some effect on the already burgeoning bicycle boom

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August 17 Weekly Open Thread: It's That Time Of Year AGAIN!

Yes, it's "Back To School" time. And it's also "2015 Year Model Clearance" time. Funny how both events happen together.


There's the Lincoln Summer Invitation Sales Event. And Volvo has the Wonder Of Summer Event. Volkswagen offers the VW Model Year End Sales Event, while Lexus proposes the Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event.

Infinity gives us the Summer In The Driver's Seat opportunity, while Acura has the It's That Kind Of Summer Event. And not to be left behind, there's the Toyota Annual Clearance Event, plus the Mazda Summer Drive.

You could do the Honda Summer Clearance Event, but don't forget to read the fine print there.

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Carspotters’ Challenge #148: Jackson Street, Roseburg, Oregon

We’re revisiting Oregon. Last time we were there, it was 1954! But this isn’t Portland. 

Tumblr_maxpomPkX21rf97u6o1_1280Click here for full-size version.

This time we’re visiting Jackson Street, Roseburg. The source said that it was 1950s, but I could quickly tell that it was wrong. All one has to do is look at the cars…





Caption This





References: Tumblr

Stick Shift Lesson

This 10-minute educational film from 1936 is probably the best explanation you will ever see of the inner workings of a manual transmission.

This is the place to discuss stick shifts, or any other automotive topic that strikes your fancy.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

Carspotters’ Challenge #147: Where Do I Park

Tumblr_ni2wmg74Jw1qc2alio1_1280 Well, I can’t find a space. Did find some interesting cars, though.





Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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