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Oct 21 Weekly Open Thread: A Special 'Our Cars' Invitation

"Hi, my name is 'Sheriff' Joe Biden and I'm President of these United States. As many of you may know, when the weather turns nice in the state of Washington, you can often find me in the driveway of the White House giving my ol' 1981 Trans Am a good scrub-down and kickin' back a few beers before I go inside and clean my shotgun. Matter of fact, I've had this baby since Jack Kennedy was in the White BidenTAHouse. . .bought it right after watching the moon landing on CNN. Man, those were the days. . . .

"Now, I've been a Car LustTM fan since, oh, way back in the 1990s when it was started by my good friend Hugh Hafner. Me and good ol' "Haf" as I like to call him, we used to sit on the front porch sipping some Dr. Papers and checking out all the neat cars going by. 'There goes a Gremlin AMX!' he'd say. And I'd say "There goes a RUCKUS!!" -- I think that's where he got the inspiration for that post, you know -- and we'd have a great old time.

"Well, turns out the good folks at Car LustTM will actually let readers submit posts talking about their very own cars. I'm probably sure ol' Haf got that idea from me, too, but I'll let it go at that. Anyway, they wanted me to tell you that they're gonna let y'all unchain yourselves from your daily Drudge-ry (did you like how I slipped in that little bit of political humor? ha haa. .oh wait, I meant "LOL"!) and submit an article on your favorite ride. Or your mom's favorite ride. Or your dad's. Or your sister's. Well, you get the idea.

"Send it to the email listed on the right there =======> and maybe with a few pictures (or they'll supply them), and they'll get it all set up to run in a few weeks. Maybe you'll look as buff as I do in that picture up there. No WAY as tan though. Tell 'em why you love the car, why it's important to you, and make sure to put in any good stories you have about it. Kinda like how I'm all 'hot for teacher' in my Trans Am (LOL!)"

"And also use the comments here to talk about anything car related."

-- Joe Biden

Photo credit: America's Finest News Source.

"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode Three, Part One)

Folks, are we in for a treat today! Loyal Car Lust reader and commentor Bill Thompson sent in so many amazing "study hall" sketches that, to do them justice, we'll do two posts. And incredibly, he did all of these sketches freehand! 

He said they were all done in high school, from 1984-1987. And Mr. Thompson's tastes seem to focus on classic designs and construction, but with a modern flavor. Though they would have probably been built in the Decade Of Conspicuous Consumption, many of these vehicles would have looked right at home during the Roaring Twenties.

He also was kind enough to write a narrative about each submission, which is included under each sketch. So without any further "to do," please feast upon the magnificence of Mr. Thompson's delicious drawings:


BT 7

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1978 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla coupe
Photo from Wikipedia
My first two cars were both Toyota Corollas.  My parents had been driving a white third generation 1978 Corolla for a year or so after having purchased it from my great aunt.  She wanted something newer, and we were broke, so it was a win-win situation I guess.  That is if you can call getting one of these Corollas a win.

The 1978 Corolla was an incredibly unremarkable vehicle.  It was basic transportation and nothing more.  The interior was as spartan as they come. Mostly plastic and metal, with some flimsy pressboard panels on the doors.  The seats were uncomfortable and unsupportive, and as they aged, prone to moving a notch or two on their own at times.

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"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode Two)

Car Lust continues its series on "study hall" drawings, following a superb submission from Tigerstrypes. Another post with similar sketches is coming soon, and if anybody else has some to contribute, we'll gladly put a post together with your designs as well.

This time, we're featuring the artwork of Paulo Rebordão. He says the first two renderings were from 1983-84; the rest are from 1990. From cars to specialty vehicles to a two-wheeler, he has covered the automotive spectrum quite nicely:


I see a French influence here, maybe leaning toward Renault.

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"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode One)

(Submitted by Car Lust occasional contributor Tigerstrypes)

As soon as I saw That Car Guy (Chuck)’s post on High School "Study Hall" Drawings, I knew I was gonna like it. I liked it even more when he said that we were able to submit some of our own pieces. Being that I’ve used some of my old work to highlight and personalize my posts –not to mention that Chuck used some two of them for his announcements for this theme, which I’m grateful, BTW-, I knew I had to contribute.

Also, being that Chuck stated that the ‘High School’ in High School "Study Hall" Drawings was a general term, this meant that there was some searching to do for righteous candidates from not only High School, but also Middle School and Elementary School, too. Here’s some:


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June 17 Weekly Open Thread: More "Study Hall" Drawings

GMC Safari VanLast week, we Car Lust automotive designers doodlers presented a couple of high school "Study Hall" drawings for your amusal and perusal. We're hoping to do a presentation with a bunch of these in an upcoming post, and need your help with this historic deed.

Any vehicular rendering is welcome. Planes, trains, trucks, wheelbarrows, rickshaws, whatever. Also, something was said about customized erasers, and they are invited as well.

So please forward any artwork images to the office at:, or send them on to me at Maybe we can put something together for a post around the 4th of July.

Batmobile in Franklin 2On an unrelated note, somebody in my home town has purchased one of the original TV Batmobiles. It has been seen driving around town and was also spotted at a local car show. I hope to see the car in person soon, meet the new Bat-owner, and do a follow-up story.

And as usual, this is also the place for any fair discussions on anything else even remotely automotive related.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: The "Study Hall" drawing is courtesy of Tigerstrypes; the Batmobile Bat-picture was taken by my friend Kelly Harwood on his Bat-cell phone.

June 10 Weekly Open Thread: High School "Study Hall" Drawings

006We've all done it. Let's admit it.

And while cleaning out the attic a few days ago, I found some of mine... the old high school study hall car and truck drawings. Survivors of decades of heat, cold, arid air, and neglect.

They weren't plentiful... I'm sure more are around somewhere. In fact I remember at least two more sheets of these developmental designs. And they do give a period insight, having been scribbled in the early to mid 1970s.

004My car was called the Targa Cheetah, being the fastest car on the planet, and it had electrically-operated sliding roof panels. The car was available in either the 2-Door Sport Model or a 4-Door Luxury Landau. I was later quite saddened when I found out Lamborghini was going to use my car's name on a truck.

The Targa roof style always had me enamored, but it took almost 40 years to write about it. And when Aston Martin copied my straight-lined beauties for their Lagonda... well, the case was gonna be in court for years.

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1971-1973 Buick Centurion vs. 1971-1973 Buick LeSabre

Buicks fighting

"Uh-LLLLadies... and... Gen-tle-men! On the left, weighing 4,329 lbs. and standing 54 inches in height with a wheelbase of 124 inches, we have the 1973 Buick Centurion. And on the right, also weighing 4,329 lbs. and standing 54 inches and with a wheelbase of 124 inches, we have the 1973 Buick LeSabre."

"So, from the Car Lust home office here in the great United States of America..."

"... Uh-Let's get ready to rum-bullllllll!"

Quite a while back in a discussion here at Car Lust, we swapped stories comparing the similarities and differences of Buick's Wildcat/Centurion vs. their LeSabre. If memory serves, the outcome more or less stated that the Wildcat/Centurion was Buick's "sporty" full-sized car while the LeSabre was the more practical one. Of course, the Electra 225, Buick's flagship luxury model, had enough differences to not be included in the discussion.

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2013 Honda CBR500R: The First Ride

CBR500R Beauty ShotDreams can come true. Some time around last November, I read that Honda was about to build the bike of my dreams. And since I'm quickly reaching the age where the "Sunny Acres Trailer Park" in Retirementville, Florida, is looking more appealing every day, I figured this may be my last motorcycle. So I wanted to go all out and do it right.

On January 16th, 2013, for my birthday (Which I surprisingly share with Top Gear's James May), I put a deposit down on a red, white, and blue CBR500R, like the one pictured here. I knew the bike would not go on sale until sometime in April, which was fine with me. Turns out we had a longer winter than normal, and I was not going to be able to ride it anyway. Plus, waiting for the bike gave me something to look forward to as the dreary winter day pages fell off of the calendar.

I had about three months before the bike was to arrive, so internet shopping, here we come. First, a new all-white helmet was in order. Sounds easy enough, but that was harder to find than first imagined... most of today's helmets look like a custom shop has spent hours airbrushing each one of them. New boots and a riding suit to match the bike soon came in the mail as well.

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David's Greatest Hit: The 1992 Mercury Marquis

DD Grand MarquisNathan of Brainfertilizer Fame:  I never met David. We didn't spend extra time talking via emails, and I never once heard his voice.  We never shared a special friendship above all others.  But we shared something: a silly love for cars that didn't always deserve the passion.

John Donne said, "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

Do not ask for whom the car horn honks; it honks for thee.

I hope that my alteration of the quote isn't taken as a lack of respect.  It is my first reaction to try to lighten serious moods, to make it easier to carry the burden.

At times, as I've participated in various online communities, I've wondered what would happen if I died.  How would anyone know?  How would I be remembered?  Would I be missed?  Would my absence even be noticed?

David, you are remembered.  You are missed.  This man, whom I have never met...his friendship, the bond created through a common love, touched me in ways I never realized until he was gone.

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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