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Our Cars: 2010 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition

003Before we begin, I have to clarify that this isn’t really my car in the sense that I own it. Another thing worth mentioning is that I have 3 uncles. To avoid confusion, MR2-driving uncle shall be known as Uncle J, his older brother shall be known as Uncle V and their sister’s husband –and former Chevrolet Astro owner- shall be Uncle D.

An interesting proposition was bestowed upon me earlier in the year (May 2013): my family was to drive Uncle V’s new-ish Toyota 4Runner as part of our daily-drivers, with me being the main driver. This came to be for the following reasons: Grandpa’s former steed, a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition has been acting up. Not once, but twice I left work in it only to not start, while blocking the same fellow employee in this concrete slab we call parking lot. Thank goodness it had a small descent towards the exit. We got it fixed, but it’s just one of a list of problems that it’s given us. It doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence and its days are numbered.

The second reason was that Uncle J was in Bolivia, at least until mid-July. While over there, we took care of some minor bodywork on his new Ford F-150. Convinced that the truck needed to be used, Uncle V began to use it more as his daily-driver. After the 4Runner got much needed dealership work after serving as my Aunt’s driver while her Toyota Sienna LE was at said dealership, and after I finished ridding the Grand Cherokee of its electrical faults, Uncle V told me to take the 4Runner and park the Grand Cherokee until further notice. While my Mom was the first to let me in on my Uncle’s idea, it came as a surprise that not only did he actually go through with it, but also how soon it was. At least until Uncle J returned in July and order was restored, I have a 4Runner… I kinda like the sound of that.

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Theme Week: New Cars Week--A Tale of Two Cars

Regular readers may know that I recently purchased a new vehicle, primarily for fieldwork: a 2014 Subaru Forester. Thus far it's* performed its job quite admirably, and I'm really pleased with it overall. Readers may also be aware that for the 24 years preceding that purchase, my daily driver was a 1978 Mustang II. As this is New Car Week here at Car Lust, I thought I'd take the opportunity to offer a little BothCarscomparison as to the driving experience of the two. I do this because probably not that many of you have been regular drivers of anything made in the 1980s, let alone the 1970s, and probably few have done so recently (and many of you young'uns, not at all). 

To start off with, at the right there are two photographs of the driver's side dashboard of each; I'm assuming you can tell which is which. When first stepping behind the wheel of the Forester I was immediately struck by the wide array of controls and bits of information display devices that were present compared with my Mustang. I haven't actually counted them up yet, but thought that might be part of the fun of this post: how many functions can you count on each, just from the photographs? 

Hidden behind the wheel on the Mustang's left are the climate controls (one heat slider control and one controlling the various fans, heat/vent, etc.) and on the right is a knob for the side mirror, the "cigarette lighter", and a modern radio/CD player with a USB input. The left turn signal stalk also has a cruise control attachment on it.

On the Forester I don't believe anything is hidden, although there are probably a dozen or so additional indicator lights on the dashboard that can light up. 

So have at it! You'll undoubtedly fall far short on the Forester since the screen has dozens and dozens of entries, most of which I haven't even seen yet. I'm betting the ratio probably at least 10:1. 

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Theme Week: New Cars Week--2013 / 2014 Honda CBR600RR (Race Replica)

600RR frontI've mentioned here before that this bike is a motorcycle masterpiece.

And to quote Honda, "And for 2013 the best just got a whole lot better. We’ve given the CBR600RR some major updates, including new 12-spoke wheels, revised ECU settings, and a fine-tuned ram-air system to increase torque. Best of all, the CBR600RR gets a new “Big Piston” fork and retuned rear shock.

And it’s all wrapped up in some sharp new bodywork. There’s even a version with Honda’s revolutionary Electronic Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), the first ever on a production Supersport motorcycle."

All of this is carried over for 2014, of course. And since there's absolutely no difference between a 2013 and a 2014 model, we'll just call them the same, if that's OK.

- - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -   - - -

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The Way We Were: Chuck Lynch, aka That Car Guy

Chuck Lynch (That Car Guy)

Well Anthony, you asked for it, you got it. First off, here's a picture of me in 1972 standing beside my first street legal motor vehicle, a 1972 Harley-Davidson 125cc Rapido. That's me, second from left, under the arrow. The late Mr. Bill Abernathy, who sponsored the event, is to the left; David and Kevin are to the right. Dave owned a 1966 GMC Value Van about three years after this picture was taken:


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The Way We Were: Cookie the Dog's Owner

Cookie the Dog's Owner

Here are a few pictures I found in the ancestral photo albums.

The first is of Dad and me and the 1949 Ford sedan. According to the date stamp in the right-hand border, the film was developed in May, and it's dated "62" in pencil; but based on how I'm dressed, it was probably taken earlier in the spring. I would have been just over a year old.1949 Ford

This was not necessarily a formal occasion. Dad wore a fedora with his business suit well into the 1970s.

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The Way We Were: Anthony Cagle

Anthony Cagle

First up, this is me and "my" 1975 AMC Hornet.


That was taken in 1985 just before I set out from Wisconsin to Washington state for grad school and the Rest of My LifeTM. As my demeanor suggests I wasn't particularly happy upon leaving behind "my" Hornet, but c'est la vie I guess. I would have been 23 at the time, still in my (happily long abandoned) beard phase, and freshly graduated from college with a degree in archaeology and ready to head for the west coast in my new/old. . . .

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Jan 6 Weekly Open Thread and The Way We Were

We here at Car Lust have highlighted our own vehicles and those of our readers on several occasions, but one thing we've not done -- except by accident every now and then -- is shine a light on our vehicles and ourselves. We've often argued that the reason we write in glowing terms about mostly forgotten or Cary_grant_exiting_a_tiny_carunderappreciated models is that many of these vehicles, despite their flaws and foibles, sold many thousands of copies and ended up being important parts of the everyday lives of their owners. People drove them to their very first job, went on their first real date in them, drove in them with their buddies to the seashore or the lake or the mountains, or piled into them with the rest of the family for long drives on summer vacation. They bought them, drove them home, parked them in the driveway, and admired their own personal form of freedom: the ability to go where one pleased when one pleased.

So we shouldn't forget that, behind these cars we love so much, are the people who drove them and cared for them and showed them off and. . . .well, sometimes wrecked them (hopefully without unduly damaging themselves or anybody else in the process).

Hence, over the next week or so we'd like to take this opportunity to submit a few snapshots of our very own automotive histories; and this time not only the vehicles themselves but of us as well. We realize that there is risk in this endeavor, as readers may be shocked to learn that those of us penning these missives -- especially those of us over a certain age -- may have some none-too-flattering photographs in our past. Hard to imagine, I know, as most of you no doubt imagine us all looking like literary equivalents of Cary Grant or, for the younger crowd, Hugh Jackman (and for our latest contributor Grace Kelly or Scarlett Johansson). But we throw caution to the wind and set them out there anyway for all to enjoy.

And we also invite readers to send in their own photos -- modern or not -- for submission. The older the better. The more dated the better. And hopefully along with a few sentences describing the scene, the vehicle, and what was going on in your life at the time.

And, as always, feel free to discuss anything else automobile related.

Credits: The top photo is of, yes, that's me, exiting my old Isetta (via Chris on Cars). All others for the remainder of this week, unless otherwise indicated, are by the authors.

Selling Used Cars

20131102_152638I find myself at a unique place in life, a first for me.  I have to sell a car.  Two in fact.  Well, one is a van, but you get the idea.

Thankfully, neither are lust worthy vehicles (in my mind at least).  I have a 1996 Honda Civic with 285K miles and a 2001 Dodge Caravan with 260K miles.  Both run well still, and the Honda in particular has had quite a bit of recent upkeep (new timing belt & water pump, new tires, some other stuff) because we thought we'd keep it another year. But the right car came along to replace it, so I now have to move something.

The question I raise to you today is what is the best way to sell a used vehicle (quickly for a high price!)?  I purchased a used truck once from a dealer.  That's the whole sum of my experience in this realm.  Craigslist is the obvious starter, but my dillema is that I live in a small town in Southern Minnesota where the nearest town (Mankato) with its own Craigslist is 30 miles away.  We don't have a consignment lot, and I'm not sure that either of these well used vehicles would do well there anyhow.  I'd consider donating them, but I don't need any more tax write-off (and it isn't close).

What have you done, or if you haven't sold, what experience do you have on the purchasing side?

Further, what ways do you need to prep the vehicle(s)?  I hand shampooed the carpets in the Honda as they had never been done.  I hit a few spots on the seats as well.  Everything was shined up and I've washed the car.  I'd consider wax, but wax is wasted on this paint.  It's a black car, so should I spray paint some of the rear wheel rust spots that every Honda develops?

Words of advice?  Recommendations?  I'd like to sell them sooner rather than later, so I'm motivated.  Because the snow is coming.

--Big Chris

Oct 21 Weekly Open Thread: A Special 'Our Cars' Invitation

"Hi, my name is 'Sheriff' Joe Biden and I'm President of these United States. As many of you may know, when the weather turns nice in the state of Washington, you can often find me in the driveway of the White House giving my ol' 1981 Trans Am a good scrub-down and kickin' back a few beers before I go inside and clean my shotgun. Matter of fact, I've had this baby since Jack Kennedy was in the White BidenTAHouse. . .bought it right after watching the moon landing on CNN. Man, those were the days. . . .

"Now, I've been a Car LustTM fan since, oh, way back in the 1990s when it was started by my good friend Hugh Hafner. Me and good ol' "Haf" as I like to call him, we used to sit on the front porch sipping some Dr. Papers and checking out all the neat cars going by. 'There goes a Gremlin AMX!' he'd say. And I'd say "There goes a RUCKUS!!" -- I think that's where he got the inspiration for that post, you know -- and we'd have a great old time.

"Well, turns out the good folks at Car LustTM will actually let readers submit posts talking about their very own cars. I'm probably sure ol' Haf got that idea from me, too, but I'll let it go at that. Anyway, they wanted me to tell you that they're gonna let y'all unchain yourselves from your daily Drudge-ry (did you like how I slipped in that little bit of political humor? ha haa. .oh wait, I meant "LOL"!) and submit an article on your favorite ride. Or your mom's favorite ride. Or your dad's. Or your sister's. Well, you get the idea.

"Send it to the email listed on the right there =======> and maybe with a few pictures (or they'll supply them), and they'll get it all set up to run in a few weeks. Maybe you'll look as buff as I do in that picture up there. No WAY as tan though. Tell 'em why you love the car, why it's important to you, and make sure to put in any good stories you have about it. Kinda like how I'm all 'hot for teacher' in my Trans Am (LOL!)"

"And also use the comments here to talk about anything car related."

-- Joe Biden

Photo credit: America's Finest News Source.

"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode Three, Part One)

Folks, are we in for a treat today! Loyal Car Lust reader and commentor Bill Thompson sent in so many amazing "study hall" sketches that, to do them justice, we'll do two posts. And incredibly, he did all of these sketches freehand! 

He said they were all done in high school, from 1984-1987. And Mr. Thompson's tastes seem to focus on classic designs and construction, but with a modern flavor. Though they would have probably been built in the Decade Of Conspicuous Consumption, many of these vehicles would have looked right at home during the Roaring Twenties.

He also was kind enough to write a narrative about each submission, which is included under each sketch. So without any further "to do," please feast upon the magnificence of Mr. Thompson's delicious drawings:


BT 7

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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