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Great Commercials--"The world belongs . . . to Lynx"

When I wrote about the Mercury Lynx this past summer, I lamented that I was unable to show you any of the memorable (to me, anyway) "world belongs to Lynx" commercials from 1980 and '81.

I am happy to report that this is no longer the case. Last month, the Huntley Film Archives posted a one-minute Lynx commercial from that ad campaign to YouTube.

I didn't remember this particular one, but the lynx, the big white sphere that turns into a globe (not bad for pre-digital special effects), the planetarium-style narration, and the dreamy Vangelis soundtrack were used in all the ads in the series.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


This is a gag, I think . . . I hope  . . .

Actually, it's part of a Subaru marketing campaign--which doesn't make it any less amusing, or  (unfortunately) any less true.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

Cadillac Catera

Karl Marx once said, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." He could have been talking about Cadillac.

We've previously told you the tragic tale of the Cadillac Cimarron. A half-baked attempt at badge engineering a small Caddy out of the not-very-good-to-begin-with J-car, the Cimarron lives in infamy as one of GM's most heinous offenses against its own brand equity.

How bad was it? Let's put it this way: one of Cadillac's executives had a picture of a Cimarron prominently placed in the design offices--as a shining example to all of what not to do.

Ignoring that object lesson, Cadillac tried the same trick again fifteen years later, badge-engineering another new small Caddy out of a car from a more pedestrian GM division. The car that resulted when history repeated itself wasn't quite as tragically flawed as the Cimarron, but what seemed like a promising little ride at first glance quickly became a farce involving a duck, a supermodel, a lot of warranty claims, and a doctor on TV.

I'm talking about the Cadillac Catera, introduced in 1997 as "The Caddy that zigs."

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Great Commercials--"This or That"

Kia's latest commercial for the Soul compact features their posse of giant anthropomorphic hamsters kickin' it giving props to their ride. The soundtrack is a catchy bit of old-school (1994-vintage) rap, "The Choice is Yours" by Black Sheep.

Kia's first hamster commercial won a 2010 Silver EFFIE Award from the American Marketing Association. This one is easily its equal, and right up there with the "Joyride Dream" ad for the Sorrento in entertainment value--absurd and comical, yet utterly convincing. I don't know if the hamsters are CGI or animatronics or actors in hamster suits, but for one full minute there, they have me completely sold on the idea that there is, somewhere, an inner-city neighborhood (centered on Hamsterdam Avenue) populated entirely by giant hip-hop hamsters in hoodies who bust mad rhymes.

I think I'll get with this, 'cause this is kinda phat.

--C-Dog's Owner in the house

Great Commercials--Subaru XT

Submitted for your consideration, a memorable commercial from the 1980s pitching the "oddball" Subaru XT6 sort-of-a-sports car.

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Mercury Lynx

The world belongs ... to Lynx.

Does anyone, other than me, remember that tagline, the commercial it comes from, or the car it was pitching, the Mercury Lynx?

I'm not seeing a whole lot of hands raised out there.

I can't show you the commercial because it's not available through YouTube or any of the other video sites.* If you're old enough, you might remember it if I describe it to you. It showed the car in an abstract white-on-white setting, with a live lynx walking around while the announcer told us, in a voice that would not be out of place in a Carl Sagan science documentary, that the world belonged to this car. The soundtrack was a lovely bit of electronic "planetarium music" by Vangelis, a track called "Chung Kuo" from the album China. (You can listen to it here; the part used in the commercial begins at about 1:47.) 

Not only can't I show you the commercial, there's just not a whole lot of Lynx links out there, period. The Wikipedia entry for the Lynx is only five sentences long, and two of those are about the car that replaced it. When you run a Google or Bing search for "Mercury Lynx," only about half the results have something to do with the car--the rest are about WNBA basketball. When I ran the commercial's tagline as my search term, I got exactly one hit, on a Google Books archive of a magazine ad.

This is all very unfortunate. The Lynx was not a great car by any means, but it was the sort of honest everyday iron we celebrate here at Car Lust. This post is my attempt to rescue it from obscurity, so that this little Mercury is no longer so much of a ... missing Lynx.

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Great Commercials--"Joyride Dream"

Submitted for your consideration, my wife's all-time favorite car commercial. Its official title is "Joyride Dream," and the soundtrack is the James Brown-esque "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy.

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Minivan=Swagger Wagon

Minivans--for manly men only. What says virility better than pulling up in your ride filled with your offspring? 

0:22--He nails the look of fear.

0:30--"I roll hard through the streets and the cul de sacs..."

0:58--Pegged the cute meter

1:13--Keep the pinkie up!

1:53--PB&J just keepin' it real.

2:27--Nothing quite like spiking a child's toy to emphasize your level of cool.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game...where my mother-fathers at?

--Big Chris

Great Commercials--Steve Wozniak's Datsun 280ZX

Yesterday we deconstructed a disco-era Datsun 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition commercial. Today I'd like to discuss another commercial that features essentially the same car but a completely different tone. The video follows here, with my comments after the jump.

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Great Commercials--Datsun 280ZX "Black Gold"

I stumbled across this commercial the other day and thought it worthy of a Car Lust commercial deconstruction. My thoughts are after the jump.

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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