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Notes from the 2014 Cleveland Auto Show - Part Two

We're back again with more from the Cleveland Auto Show.

Das Auto.Hyundai. Yes, Hyundai.

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Notes from the 2014 Cleveland Auto Show - Part One

The 2014 Cleveland Auto Show runs through Sunday, March 9. I was there on Saturday the 1st, and here's some of what I saw.

Ford would like one of these to be in your future.100_3939100_3942

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March 3 Weekly Open Thread--Show Time!

It's not a fit day out for man nor beast--but here in the exhibit hall at the Auto Show it's comfortable and you can take your coat off, pick up some brochures and swag, and interact with the giant anthropomorphic hamsters.

"Hamsters? I'm supposed to work with hamsters?"Speaking of swag, at the Car Lust booth, we're giving away promotional AMC Gremlin models.

"It's all new for '72!"If you can't make it to the show, click here to download one for yourself. Print it on 65# cardstock, cut out, and glue it together.

This is the place to discuss the auto show, or anything else that crosses your mind.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

2013 Nashville British Car Club Show... "Brits At The Parthenon"

"Brits At The Parthenon"

2013 Nashville British Car Club Show 058

Well, we're back again. And it's another unbelievably perfect Autumn day, October 12, 2013, to be exact. We're in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee, to see the 2013 Nashville British Car Club Show.

And does it get any better than a British Racing Green Jaguar E-Type in front of the Parthenon? Yes of course it could, but only if the Vanderbilt University Marching Band was practicing right across the street... which it was.

This was the fourth year in a row (2010, 2011, 2012) that I have motored into Music City USA to see this event. And never has it been disappointing. This year's theme was simply "Brits At The Parthenon," which didn't single out any particular make, model, or time period. And I think that was a good thing.

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"Old Betsy" (1918 REO 5-Passenger Touring Car)

"Old Betsy" was arguably the most fascinating vehicle on display at this year's Studebaker meet in Tallmadge.

Old BetsyShe's a four-cylinder REO Touring Car owned and restored by Dave Masek.

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Studebaker Lark Convertibles

It's the new convertible, seats five adults in style. It's so pert and perky! Runs on pennies per mile.

--Studebaker Lark radio jingle, 1960 model year

The owner was offering it for sale because, he said, he has "too many Studebakers." Is that even possible?There seemed to be something of a run on Studebaker Lark convertibles at this year's SDC meet in Tallmadge. A Lark is a fundamentally happy car, and that goes double for the drop-tops.

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Studebaker Pickup Trucks

I started really paying attention to Studebaker trucks for the first time at this year's SDC Ohio Chapter meet in Tallmadge.

"I'm drivin' a truck/Drivin' a big ol' truck/Pedal to the metal, hope I don't run out of luck"It turns out they're much more interesting than I'd given them credit for.

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Carspotters' Challenge #74--1959 Fairgrounds Auto Show, Walla Walla, Washington

The new '60s are here!

Greetings from Walla Walla,...."The City So Nice, They Named It Twice"Famed for sweet onions and wineries, home to the oldest bank in the state,.... ...but, contrary to what they said in classic Warner Brothers cartoons, it's NOT the headquarters of the "Wishywashy Washing Machine Company."See anything interesting?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photos obtained from the Station Wagon Forum's collection of vintage scenes, to which they were contributed by member "OrthmannJ.")

2013 Studebaker Drivers Club Ohio Chapter Meet, Tallmadge, Ohio

Late August means it's time once again for the SDC's Ohio Chapter meet, the largest one-day Studebaker show in the world.

Avanti Row -- two Youngstown-built "Avanti Carlos" and a '64 in stunning pastel turquoise.

An exaltation of Larks.Here's a little of what I saw at this year's show last Saturday:

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Arkansas Valley Fair Car Show, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Contributed by Norman Kincaide.

The dust has settled from Saturday night’s demolition derby at the Arkansas Valley Fair. The aroma of teriyaki chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, turkey drum sticks, and cotton candy has all but dissipated with the sunrise.

An eclectic mix: everything from a Chevy SSR to a Studebaker Lark taxicabSunday morning at the Arkansas Valley Fair did entertain another automobile event.

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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