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Carspotters' Challenge #115--That's All Volks!

We close out the week with a dealer postcard from Willis VW in Burlington, New Jersey.

The Muzak system is playing Volks music.--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photos obtained from the Station Wagon Forum collection, contributed by member "GTW.")


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I wonder what lucky soul got that little red Corvette in the lower left corner.

I like the Chrysler/Imperial in the front row. I rode in a number of VW's over the years and was only half impressed, but that was only after having been in regular sedans for much longer. My favorite VW of all is the Karmann Ghia, coupe or convert. As widely revered as the four cylinder was, apparently it had problems. I spoke with some kit car drivers a long time ago, and they mentioned the problems of extracting broken exhaust manifold bolts from the cylinders. Very difficult.

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