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Carspotters' Challenge #113--Rack 'em Up!

For your carspotting pleasure this week, a set of three photos of new cars on railroad cars from the days before fully-enclosed auto-racks.

The St. Louis-San Francisco ran from St. Louis or so to Texas and Arkansas, never getting less than 1,000 miles from San Francisco.

Railroad and location unknown.

Before there were auto rack cars....--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(All three photos come from the Station Wagon Forum, contributed by forum member "Jim68Cuda.")


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The bottom pic looks like a couple of buses loaded up with cars there.

The "buses" in the third picture are auto transporter trailers being carried on piggyback flatcars.

Hubcaps, it appears, were a dealer added option?

The hub caps were in car - probably the trunk - and put on at delivery to the dealer. I suppose the prevent theft.

When railroads first took a major part of the new-car transport business, open railcars like the ones shown here were used. Truckers who didn't like losing business to the railroads would stand on overpasses and dump acid on the new cars passing below. In response, the railroads switched to closed railcars.

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