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The Way We Were: Chuck Lynch, aka That Car Guy

Chuck Lynch (That Car Guy)

Well Anthony, you asked for it, you got it. First off, here's a picture of me in 1972 standing beside my first street legal motor vehicle, a 1972 Harley-Davidson 125cc Rapido. That's me, second from left, under the arrow. The late Mr. Bill Abernathy, who sponsored the event, is to the left; David and Kevin are to the right. Dave owned a 1966 GMC Value Van about three years after this picture was taken:


And between his first motorcycle and his first car, here's yours truly doing what he did best... riding a street bike on a few inches of fresh show. Those street tires and the bike's low center of gravity did an amazing job of keeping the cycle steady in the white stuff:

DSC_0159The bike is a 1973 Harley-Davidson SS-350, the same year and model used in Live And Let Die. I keep meaning to write a post on it; hopefully that will happen soon.

Now, I feel very lucky to have this next image. This is not just me and my first car, this is me on the first day that I got my first car:

DSC_0157-001This was in late July, 1973, but the exact date escapes me. And yes, it's a 1972 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback (Just less than a year old, and was actually still in warranty) with a raised white letter tire. The Vega is a great car that has not gone unnoticed here at the world famous Car Lust international home office and vending machine storage area.

This next one shows a 21-year-old me (Egad!), proudly perched on/beside a nearly new 1978 Chevette, which has been seen here at Car Lust before. And this photograph would have been used in that post, had it made itself available nearly 4 years ago:


It may have been more than a passing coincidence that this picture resurfaced at about the same time Anthony came up with the brilliant idea for this theme week. Stuck in a pile of other old prints and stuffed in a drawer for decades, the image has just recently re-met the light of day for whatever reason(s).

At the rear of the car is my puppy Snoopy, who was with us for 17 years. I'd say he was about 8 when that photo was taken. He was a great companion, and made it to HBO before any of the rest of us did (Snoopy appears at 0:45).

And finally, here's my version of "The Patriotic Stig." The CBR500R has been seen here on Car Lust a couple of times. And I have a feeling it might show up again (wink, wink):

DSC_0002As far as the riding apparel, the idea is to dress for the fall, not the ride. Even better, the idea of being seen by other motorists to avoid a crash is a good idea. In these days of distracted drivers, I wouldn't dream of leaving the yard without a helmet and some gear on, because even if you're just going a short distance, it just takes one spill to ruin your day.

So that's a quick snapshot (pun intended) of some of my automotive days of yore. And we hope to see some of your pictures soon as well.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)


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Okay, that Chevette one is just Awe.Some. Addidas t-shirt! Bare feet! Feathered hair! And a gleeeeeeming Chevette.

Snoopy was big timing.

*sigh* The Chevette was just 3 months old there. I miss that car... it was a good one.

It looks like you had fun. My experience driving in that time frame was only just okay...I had good cars (a new Pinto and Mustang II) but most of my driving was limited to going to college...nothing too exciting.

Seeing a young guy and early 70s Harleys reminds me of Then Came Bronson....

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