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December 30 Weekly Open Thread--I got an Avanti for Christmas!

"Hawaiian Eye"....sponsored by Studebaker!I've wanted an Avanti ever since I first saw one in the parking lot of the shorthole golf course near my house sometime in the early seventies. It's been a running joke in the family for years: "What do you want for Christmas?" "An Avanti: R2 engine, four speed, turquoise." Every Christmas morning, I get teased: "Sorry, no Avanti this year."

So imagine the shock this Christmas when the kids led me into the garage...and there it was, under a car cover: an Avanti!

Not just any old Avanti, either, but a genuine Studebaker, 1963, with the supercharged engine, and a 4-speed stick shift.

As you'll see from the pictures after the jump, it's a bit of a project car and it's going to require a lot of work, but the upside is the pieces are all there and it came with a detailed set of instructions.

Avanti!The downside is, it's only a 1/25 model kit. It really was under a car cover, though--a full size car cover, which was also a present, stretched over some patio furniture arranged in a vaguely Avanti-like configuration.

In all seriousness, this is a really nice kit.

Whe he said "all the pieces are there," he wasn't kidding!It even came with a nice little picture book published by the Studebaker Museum.

Swank, baby!I plan to take my time and do it right. It will, of course, be painted the Avantiest of all possible Avanti colors, Avanti Turquoise, with the matching "Color Scheme No. 9" interior in turquoise and "fawn" (light beige). I promise an update when it gets done.

This is the place to discuss your automotive Christmas presents, or anything else car-related.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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Heck, I'm still looking for a Mustang II model. . .

One Mustang II model (It's a start):

Santa Claus brought me a cool "car" as well. After 53 Christmas mornings in this house, the last package I opened was a scale model of The Munster Koach (

The box was printed using the same graphics as the original, back in 1964 or such, and I had built a copy of this kit way back when. So to end our time here with a model that took me back over 40 years was a fitting and surprising way to end the Holidays here at Forest Home.

Congrats on the Avanti.
About the new AMT kit, you can even add the rare optional (dealer installed, IIRC) Halibrand knock offs, and the Studebaker Museum book on the Avanti is neat.

For detailed photos to help with painting go to: or contact me via email and I can fix you up with photos or my car.

I may be wrong, but I thought you could build those kits as either a '63 or '64 model, depending on the headlights (the kits could have both sets).

The kit does have both sets of headlights. I'll build it as a '63 because I think the round headlamps look better.

Good call on the headlights.

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