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"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode Three, Part One)

Folks, are we in for a treat today! Loyal Car Lust reader and commentor Bill Thompson sent in so many amazing "study hall" sketches that, to do them justice, we'll do two posts. And incredibly, he did all of these sketches freehand! 

He said they were all done in high school, from 1984-1987. And Mr. Thompson's tastes seem to focus on classic designs and construction, but with a modern flavor. Though they would have probably been built in the Decade Of Conspicuous Consumption, many of these vehicles would have looked right at home during the Roaring Twenties.

He also was kind enough to write a narrative about each submission, which is included under each sketch. So without any further "to do," please feast upon the magnificence of Mr. Thompson's delicious drawings:


BT 7

I would have been a Barnum-grade self-promoter, apparently. This shows my early attraction for veteran cars (and further proof that artistic people can't spell). I remember in the July, 1984 Car and Driver issue, they took a new DeWitt for a test drive. DeWitt was first in business in North Manchester, Indiana, from 1909-1910 (A fire destroyed their factory), and from 1982-1985 they started back up, making high-wheelers from the original plans. The first thing the new owners did was give DeWitts to the grandchildren of the customers with outstanding orders from when the company first went under. I thought that was cool.

Microsoft Silverlight 8132013 12630 PM.bmp  

A light 2+2 that crosses the Opel GT with the Kadett. Kamm back, one piece tilt forward bonnet, knock-off wire wheels, large glass area that emulates cut-down doors. A "what-if" that would have to have been built post-'68 or pre-'72, since it has side markers but no useful bumpers.

Microsoft Silverlight 8132013 12719 PM.bmp

An ultralight neoclassic boattail microcar. Flat-4 engine, air-cooled, gas tank above, chain drive, and close-set rear wheels without differential. I really liked the lines of this little guy.

BT 3  

A three-view of the microcar, with various tonneau and racing hoods.

BT 4 

Profiles of the microcar with various hoods and tonneaus. Those one-person streamline racing hoods would have been terribly claustrophobic!

Microsoft Silverlight 8132013 15456 PM.bmp
High-wheeler horseless carriages, with elaborately bowed chassis and half-elliptic underslung springs. Electric or rear-engine option, designed for urban commuting and local in-town use. Two-seat spider runabout, three-passenger depot wagon, and five-passenger limousine, both of the latter with open chauffer compartment and landaulet rear compartments. 

Microsoft Silverlight 8132013 15609 PM.bmp
Inspired by the story of Ettore Bugatti's feud with W. O. Bentley that resulted in the Type 41 Royale. A dual-cowl phaeton, scarcely five feet high, dwarfed by the Blue Bird school bus chassis and tires on which it rides. A step down design, it sits completely within the frame rails. Plenty of luggage space, but sitting and driving an entire car length behind the front wheels may be a challenge. 

So thanks to Bill Thompson for this first edition of his "study hall" drawings. And we'll be back with more of his superb illustrations soon!

--That Car Guy (Chuck)


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Some excellent artwork here. You already had me at the "Horseless Carriage & Motor Co." logo, but I very much like that Opelesque "light 2+2."

To your credit, they're much better looking than anything actually being designed in that era.

Thanks for the compliments, guys!

Oh, and if anyone has any questions about the inspiration, underpinnings, mechanicals, or any other stuff about these, I'd be more than happy to field 'em. I've had a few decades to mull the designs over. ;)

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