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Carspotters' Challenge #76--Toyota of Palo Alto

In keeping with our Toyota theme, here's a whole lot of Toyotas...

Toyota of Palo Alto...and a few other things mixed in. See any that interest you?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car magazine (Oct. 2013) just did a little write-up on a Renault R-8, like the tan one on the front row, 4th from the right.

Never expensive and definitely not glamorous, but always a good value and fun to drive.

Love the R-8. Rode in one when I was in college. Unbelievably comfortable front seats. Loved the era when nearly every European car was rear engined.

I spy a Bugeye, a Sunbeam Alpine (Tiger?) and a '65 Mustang.

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