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"Study Hall" Drawings (Episode Two)

Car Lust continues its series on "study hall" drawings, following a superb submission from Tigerstrypes. Another post with similar sketches is coming soon, and if anybody else has some to contribute, we'll gladly put a post together with your designs as well.

This time, we're featuring the artwork of Paulo Rebordão. He says the first two renderings were from 1983-84; the rest are from 1990. From cars to specialty vehicles to a two-wheeler, he has covered the automotive spectrum quite nicely:


I see a French influence here, maybe leaning toward Renault.


Quite futuristic and plenty of ground clearance. The wheels are out at the corners as well.

SH D E 2 Riv

Looks like a little '69 Buick Riviera style found its way into the roofline, quarter panels, and rear side windows of this car. But the windshield and front end are definitely ahead of its time.


A camper with a detachable front mobile unit. Nice details on the living quarters.


Johnny Cash sang about "A Boy Named Sue." Well, here's a car named Sioux. It could also be a small pickup/ute vehicle with an open bed.


The CX-C may have been aimed at Honda's CR-X, but its elongated front end suggests that it probably would have had rear wheel drive.


Composites might make up the structure of this two-wheeled machine.


Mr. Rebordão has taken some good names for his vehicles.

Thanks again to Paulo Rebordão for submitting his designs. And we'll have another post on "study hall" drawings coming up soon!

--That Car Guy (Chuck)


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I think the CX-C might be aimed at Citroën, not Honda, because of the little logo next to the name, and also the style and name.

I was a big fan of citroen in the 80's having tasted everything from 2cv to cx.
Then i turned to honda...
Unfortunately, they both lost their former panache and verve.

This is so awesome.

I've always had a soft spot for 1980s future car concepts and design cues.

Any of these desings would look right at home in movies like Back to the Future II or Akira (particularly the 2-wheeled machine and the Burmah, which judging by the year said it was made, was WAY ahead of its time).
Maybe even 1980s shows like the 3rd season of The Transformers (the van and the Sioux pick-up)and some anime ranging from the early 90s to the dawn of the New Millenium.

The name list is also excellent.

CX-C is more a Citroen CX coupé (a kind of Citroën SM, but with rear engine - but it's not sure - CX has a long nose ... and the tradition of front wheel Drive from Citroën!!

For the drawing on top : of course the influence of the Renault 25.

Full information about CX, i had one in the ast (a CX Athena, with a 4 Cylinder 2 liter ... Renault (from the 20/25)

Special but so nice.

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