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June 10 Weekly Open Thread: High School "Study Hall" Drawings

006We've all done it. Let's admit it.

And while cleaning out the attic a few days ago, I found some of mine... the old high school study hall car and truck drawings. Survivors of decades of heat, cold, arid air, and neglect.

They weren't plentiful... I'm sure more are around somewhere. In fact I remember at least two more sheets of these developmental designs. And they do give a period insight, having been scribbled in the early to mid 1970s.

004My car was called the Targa Cheetah, being the fastest car on the planet, and it had electrically-operated sliding roof panels. The car was available in either the 2-Door Sport Model or a 4-Door Luxury Landau. I was later quite saddened when I found out Lamborghini was going to use my car's name on a truck.

The Targa roof style always had me enamored, but it took almost 40 years to write about it. And when Aston Martin copied my straight-lined beauties for their Lagonda... well, the case was gonna be in court for years.

Tigerstrypes' vanI know I'm not the only one. Occasional Car Lust contributor Tigerstrypes has shown us a couple of examples of his adolescent artwork also.

So please take a gander and try not to laugh too hard at mine. And I'm just showing a couple right now in case we go further with this... because if you have some study hall drawings from any school year (OK, or when the boss wasn't looking as well) that you'd like to share, anonymously if you prefer, please send them to us here at the station, and we'll do a whole post on them.

Like they said on TV's BATMAN... "The worst is yet to come!"

005As the great Howard Cosell might have said, "Look out Mr. Exner, you're about to have some com-pe-ti-shun."

So, can I now put a ©, ®, or a ™ next to my logo here?

And once again, this is the time and place to discuss anything else even remotely automotive-related.


--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: Nothing like a Number 2 pencil, some notebook paper, and too much time on one's hands.

Post Edit: In case it's hard to find, the Car Lust email address is, or you can send any drawings directly to me at Thanks!


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I actually hung out in the band room (shut up) in high school study period. When I doodled in my younger years I mostly drew fighter planes and stuff. *sigh*

Oh, this is SUCH a good idea. Now I have to find MY high-school automotive doodles! I was a product of the late '70s-early '80s: long rear overhangs, coke-bottle fenders, landau rooflines, etc.

Much like William Towns was spying on you for Aston Martin, I designed a Cadillac sport coupe that foreshadowed their knife-edge designs by 20 years! I also did an Opel that crossed the GT with the Manta, a "modular limousine" design, and a hybrid personal luxury coupe (a steam/electric hybrid, no less.) Oh, and in the spirit of the Bugatti Type 41, a neoclassic body on a school bus chassis! Lots more too. I had the logos all worked out and everything. Oh, man, the memories. If I can find where I stored 'em, I'm sending them your way.

The top drawing looks like a 70s lotus I like it.
And they're better than my study hall car drawings.

Who remembers drawing wheels and racing stripes on those wedge-shaped erasers?

"Who remembers drawing wheels and racing stripes on those wedge-shaped erasers?"

Oh yeah . . .

As far as submissions, who says all the drawings have to be cars? Car Lust has included all sorts of mechanicabilia (is that a word?). I also have an RV design that could be added to the pack.

Customized erasers are welcome as well.

I've got a ton of these.

Chuck, I'm honored that you remembered my humble drawings for this post.

Study Hall, during class, on the back of tests after finishing, before and after church, basically whenever I was motivated.

I kept most of my drawings (and lament those that I didn't). I could abuse Chuck's offer, but this isn't an art blog. ^^

Even when Pokémon and Digimon fever came in, cars were still my bread-and-butter for years to come. Some truly wondered why all I drew was cars. Even I didn't know how to answer that.

I didn't customize erasers. Erasers were meant to erase, and I did a lot of that, so I didn't want to hinder its performance. :P

I also sense a strong Lotus Eclat or Elite vibe in those design proposals, very nice. Mine usually had a combination of elements from a chrome bumper MGB, a 911, and a 280 ZX. Wish I still had some of those.

You mean Lotus copied me too?


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