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June 17 Weekly Open Thread: More "Study Hall" Drawings

GMC Safari VanLast week, we Car Lust automotive designers doodlers presented a couple of high school "Study Hall" drawings for your amusal and perusal. We're hoping to do a presentation with a bunch of these in an upcoming post, and need your help with this historic deed.

Any vehicular rendering is welcome. Planes, trains, trucks, wheelbarrows, rickshaws, whatever. Also, something was said about customized erasers, and they are invited as well.

So please forward any artwork images to the office at:, or send them on to me at Maybe we can put something together for a post around the 4th of July.

Batmobile in Franklin 2On an unrelated note, somebody in my home town has purchased one of the original TV Batmobiles. It has been seen driving around town and was also spotted at a local car show. I hope to see the car in person soon, meet the new Bat-owner, and do a follow-up story.

And as usual, this is also the place for any fair discussions on anything else even remotely automotive related.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: The "Study Hall" drawing is courtesy of Tigerstrypes; the Batmobile Bat-picture was taken by my friend Kelly Harwood on his Bat-cell phone.


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I will, with some trepidation, cop to watching a few eps of 1980s "Murder, She Wrote"s this past weekend. Great fun Carspotting. Chevettes, big blocky Ford LTDs and Lincoln Towne Cars, Jaguars that you just *know* spent at least as much time in the shop getting them running as they were actually on-screen, a square Plymouth Valiant taxi, and women with shoulder pads as big as today's linebackers. Ah, good times, good times. . . . .

My collection is all from when I was around 10-12 years old. Way before High School.

Tiger, I must compliment you on your excellent use of single-point perspective in that drawing.

Only High School? That does help narrow it down a bit. Maybe in a different installment we can do Elemenary School and Middle School, too. ^^

I guess "High School" is a generic term, as "rollerblades" are for inline skates.

Any drawings and custom erasers are welcome.


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