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Carspotters' Challenge #60--Cadillac Cafe

It's 2:40 on a sunny afternoon in the 1970s, and we're in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, on Highland Avenue South, in a neighborhood known as "Five Points South."

"Birmin'ham, Birmin'ham/Greatest city in Alabam'/You can travel 'cross this en-tire land/There ain't no place like Birmin'ham!"The Cadillac Cafe is long out of business, but the building still stands. Its rooftop sign was considered something of a local landmark. See any Cadillacs--or any other interesting wheels?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo from the Birmingham Public Library collection.)


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Car 3: 72-76 T Bird; car 4: post 66-Lincoln; car 6: early 70s Capri (pre-II); Car 7: Pacer; car 8: late 70s Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix is a 74. The Thunderbird is 74-76.

Looks like a '75 Olds 88 or 98 coming up the street on the right.

That Capri is before 1974, when they gave it fat, albeit well integrated bumpers and did a minor refresh before the Capri name went to badge engineered Mustangs.

Since I don't think anyone has mentioned it, the car between the Lincoln and the Capri appears to be a 73-80 Mercedes S-class.

I think car 2 is a '74 through '77 Toyota Corolla sedan. Also the Capri is a pre-'73 version. It only has one line of rear lights.

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