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March 4 Weekly Open Thread--the $100,000 Fantasy Garage Challenge Continues

Our Fantasy Garage Challenge turned out to be bigger than we thought, so we're continuing it for at least another week. If you want to get in on the fun, the official rules are here, and you can leave your response in the comments below or e-mail it to the Car Lust Global Operations Center mailbox,

This is also the place to talk about any other automotive topic that crosses your mind.


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I'm glad you are continuing this. I might get in on it, but I have some questions. First, can you make it $200,000 or better still $500,000? :-) 100K just gets used up way too quickly. Do you have any idea how little 100K buys these days? I can get like one new car and like 2 or 3 classics. That's about 10% of my dream car list. :-)

Regarding the NADA values, I'm using this site here:

Is that the correct site? I don't see anywhere on that site a way to calculate the 12,000 miles per year component of the price. Am I missing something? Also, by "clean retail" did you mean "high retail"?

@toronado: the main NADA site only goes back to 1994; for anything older than that, you have to use their "Classic Cars" guide, which does not factor in mileage. On the "Classic cars" guide, "high retail" corresponds to "clean retail" in he main guide.

The main purpose of the $100k limit is to force you to be selective and prioritize--if I had $500k to spend, my driveway would look like a Studebaker Drivers Club meet that had been crashed by a gang of CRX tuners.

Looking forward to your entry.....

Ah, one more chance to list the vehicles we either revere or are attracted to. For starters, a Continental Mark 111. Then a Facel Vega followed by a Dual Ghia. I believe the Dual Ghia had Chrysler running gear, which might make it easier to service, but with a substantial budget, is cost a factor? Then a DeLorean, followed by a Cadillac Eldodrado Biarritz.

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