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David Drucker 1949-2013

David Drucker (photo by Cliff Monges)In 1971 an automotive journalist described David Drucker to an editor/publisher as having "a debilitating passion for cars."

Alas, nothing came of that recommendation. Still during a 30+ year career in consumer electronics journalism Drucker seized the occasional opportunity to contribute to Automobile Magazine, Autoweek, American Iron, and other publications.

Blogging for Car Lust allows him to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing about cars for no money, and with no deadline.

That is David Drucker's biography here at Car Lust. Last Friday came the sad news that David had passed away. 

His friend Todd Stuart Phillips wrote on Facebook, "This morning my friend, David Drucker, exited the bus and passed away from this circle of the world, but not from the hearts and souls who were enriched by his friendship, warmth, and frequent examples of how to be a good, kind, musical, funny, loyal person, increasing the happiness around him and making the most out of the simple but priceless pleasures. This long, strange trip will never be the same without him. So we shall sing the songs he sang, and try to be as peaceful and loving with our fellows, as so effortlessly was David."

Car Lust will be paying homage to David this week and remembering him by featuring some of his excellent posts--maybe even writing a comment or two along the way.

Rest in Peace.

--The Car Lust Contributors

(Photo by Cliff Monges, used with permission.)


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An expressive mind brimming with enthusiasm, opinion, and intelligence. It's sad to think of such a spirit shedding this mortal coile - transformed - a legacy of friends, family, and wonderful memories.

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