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Carspotters' Challenge #52--Blue Hawaii

Waikiki in the pre-McGarrett part of the 1960s.

"Lovely you/And blue Hawaii/With all this loveliness/There should be love..." --Elvis PresleySpot 'em, Danno!

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the SDC Forum, to which it was contributed by member "JRoberts.")


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I was going to say that was a 1950s photo, but it looks like there is a '65-ish Buick(?) on the middle left edge. There's also a very early '60s Chevy II in the lower right corner.

Yeah, it appears Hawaiians kept their cars a bit longer than average. Appears to be early to mid-sixties.

I see what looks like a 62 Chevrolet Chevy II over on the right. A Borgward? A Morris? also on the right.
Coming down the road is a bullet Thunderbird. There is a Ford station wagon parked, with an unknown station wagon parked behind it. In front of those two, a 1950 Mopar, maybe a Chrysler.

I think that lil' sedan is what my Dad owned & nicknamed "The Dink".

A 1957 Sunbeam Rapier. When he bought it in around '62, He could have got either this or a '57 T-Bird for the SAME PRICE. Him being the expanding family man.... he went for the Rapier. A super-oddball choice of car in the US back then (or EVER really). Later when he got His 64.5 Mustang Convertible, it was because of Dink that he never sold the 'Stang & left it to me when he passed away.

So maybe I'll sell the Mustang and buy a Rapier to restore

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