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Carspotters' Challenge #51--South Jersey

A busy freeway in the disco era:

South JerseySee anything exciting?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the Station Wagon Forum's extensive collection of vintage street scenes.)



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Top left corner - light blue Maverick.

Looks like a '72 or '73 Buick Centurion or LeSabre near the lower left corner. Our family had a '71 model, and it didn't have the rear bumper rub strips.

We should do a post on these.

The location of the photo is actually in Philadelphia. It's I-76, the infamous Schuylkill (a/k/a "Sure-kill" Expressway, at the point where I-676, the Vine St. Expressway, splits off to go crosstown and connect with the Ben Franklin Bridge to NJ, hence the "South Jersey" sign. I drove this route to work almost every day from the late 80's to 2005.

Behind the '72 Buick, a 1965-66? Plymouth wagon. In front of it, a '67 Ford LTD, early 70's VW Bug, early 70's Chevy pickup, van is probably an Econoline but it's hard to be sure, maybe an Olds Delta 88 next, 1967-68 fullsize Buick, late 60's Beetle, next car is obscured by the streetlamp, then maybe a 1971-ish Toyota Corolla, next car is a mystery, then a 1972-73 Torino. In the lane to the right, starting at the bottom, Valiant, '65 Chevelle, Exxon truck of unknown make, VW 411, 1962-63 Falcon wagon, Oldsmobile?, unknown, unknown, unknown, '73 Ford Galaxie?

I dont think its a VW 411 in front of the Exxon truck. I think its a BMW 2002.

i Still commute past this spot every day.

I think I'm seeing cooling louvers on the rear deck which is why I am saying VW 411.

On closer inspection I think the red car two cars in front of the Falcon wagon is a 1970-71 Camaro.

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