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Carspotters' Challenge #47--Bear With Us

This is the "City Center" TraveLodge motel in Vancouver, BC. The date is given as 1970.
"Sleepier than the av-er-age bear...."My family stayed at TraveLodges a lot when we were on our epic road-trip vacations in the Plymouth Belvedere. For some reason, there was no TraveLodge (or at least none we knew about) anywhere close to Youngstown, which gave them some novelty value. Also, Mom liked the sleepwalking bear trademark, and Dad had some deep-seated aversion to Holiday Inns and Howard Johnsons that he never quite explained.

There are some interesting things in the parking lot.  What catches your fancy?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Postcard image posted to Flickr by user "blizzy63.")



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Of course the Mercury sedan with the reverse C pillar leaps out at me. Then there are the Mopar economy sedans of the late sixties.

There's a nice post on those Mercurys here at Car Lust:

Looks like a white with black vinyl top 1970 LTD or XL two door in the dront row next to a 65-66 Mustang coupe.

In the back row, it looks like 2 68 LTD/Galaxies both in the mid-metallic green. Next to them almost looks like an older Mercedes 220. Next to that is a first gen Falcon in white, and next to that a black 68-70 Olds wagon. I'd like the wagon if it was a Vista Cruiser and had the wood trim. It might be a GM intermediate wagon as well.

BTW: Is that an early white Corvair directly under the Travel Lodge sign?
And what's on the other side of the white Mustang..a late 60s Riveria?

Did the Ford Anglia copy the Mercury breezeway or was it just a trans-Atlantic coincidence.

I think that white car under the Travel Lodge sign is a Volvo Amazon, not a corvair. looks too vertical to be a corvair, which was a very low car.

"Did the Ford Anglia copy the Mercury breezeway or was it just a trans-Atlantic coincidence."

I was reading in a UK car magazine that Ford HQ in dearborn did have a say in UK/German styling.

Of course, the Breezeway and Anglia both ripped off the superior engineering and styling prowess of the Citroen Ami 6. The later production date of the Ami can be attributed to a combination of time-travel and aliens. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

The Falcon second from right is an easy spot.
Gotta love that late 60s dining room decor.

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