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$100,000 Fantasy Garage Challenge: Big Chris

I added an extra level of requirement to my fantasy garage - I had to be able to find my vehicles within 100 miles, or at least have them delivered here if new.  I did this because we as a family are indeed in the market for two new(er) vehicles.  Without exaggeration I added 2.5 quarts of oil to my wife's '96 Civic last night (yes, it sounded like a tractor prior to this) and have added 6 quarts in the last 6000 miles.  That's on top of what was put in at the oil change.  And my 2001 Dodge Caravan needs all new suspension (yes, all of it), brakes, tires, and has an AC condensor that is going to grenade at any moment leaving me stranded somewhere.

Chris' Subaru2010 Subaru Forester - $15,000 - These are readily available at this price, and I'm kinda in the market for one as we write this. I want something that will get through the Minnesota winters.  Something I can throw junk in the back of.  Something that will house my growing son for some time to come.  Something I'll be able to drive for a long time, and something I won't be completley bored with.  I think this will do all that and then some.  And it gets better gas mileage than my current van.

1996 Dodge Viper - $17,900 - Has body damage so I’m allotting another $6000 to repairs, new tires & a tune up.  I’ll do my own work thank you.  But owning a Viper would be beyond incredible.  I should probably include some $$$ here for speeding tickets...  I'd keep this as my go fast car, with the hopes of a few for fun races and things of that sort.  Not a lot of street driving, though maybe from time to time to just show off a little.  The first "supercar" type of vehicle I was ever in and got to drive was one much like this.  And it's hard to believe it only has 15k miles on the odometer.  This will scratch my go fast itch quite nicely.

1981 Corvette - $12000 – I’m leaving an additional $2500 here for tune up, minor repairs, and the remainder for a sound system and new tires.  This isn't my dream Corvette, but with the limits of this challenge I could live with this car.  You may be thinking, "Why this when the Viper is already in the stable?"  Because this would be my weekend car, the one that gets driven with some regularity, whereas I wouldn't do that with the Viper.

Chris' Caddy1964 Cadillac Coupe de Ville - $4500 -  This is my long term project car.  I figure I’ll drop $10,000-12,000 on upgrades, repairs & paint.  I’m not looking to make it a show car, just a cruiser.  This is my after church, low and slow, sitting at the drive in car.  It's big and American and I love it!  And if I ever become homeless, you'll find me living in here.  This is the combination of some of my wants.  I had a '75 Chevy Impala and loved it, so it scratches the big car itch.  I love the '64 Impala too, so it was a consideration, but I also just love the huge old land yacht Caddies, so this covers it all.

 2009 Honda CR-V EX-L - $20000 - Gotta Keep the wife happy, so this has to be in the fleet since she needs a new ride.  I actually like the CR-V's, but am very partial to the EX-L line with the much nicer creature comfort options that are included.

Image from

2013 Honda Fury - $15,000 – I got a few options above the base that I want including ABS that gets me to this price.  I already have a touring bike that I like (below), and would just like something different, cocky, and fun.

I’m keeping my 1982 Honda Gold Wing which I’ll value at $2000.  Since it was given to me, I don't have any cost into it, but to be fair I'll count it anyhow.

1990 Ford F-150 $995 - All remaining $$$ (up to $3100) goes into repairs & upgrades to the F-150.  Every garage needs a beater truck.  Whether it is to tow a dead vehicle, move plywood, or haul a new fridge.  I don't expect to drive this much, but will keep it running and it'll probably always be parked behind the garage rather than in it.

I was tempted to go crazy and give a list like $70,000 for an Ariel Atom and then split the remain $30,000 on a daily driver and a motorcycle, but that just doesn't seem realistic.  Sure, one could argue my getting the $100,000 for this challege isn't realistic either...

--Big Chris


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I think if your Caravan has had that many miles put on it, the van deserves not only a new suspension, but a complete wax job too.

Well done, Caravan!

The Forester is a taller version of the Legacy wagon with more ground clearance. Our '90 Legacy wagon was the best snowbuster I've ever driven.

The Caravan is getting quite rusty, so no wax for it. Heck, I don't even wash it at this point. There are rust holes all the way through the back door under the rear window (common issue) The whole hood is about to break free from the latch because it has rusted through. There are sizable rust spots anywhere the vehicle has been dented. I got backed into by one of my church members last week and the driver's side rear quarter panel got bashed, and I only laughed about it. I told the lady "Have you looked at my van? Do you think I'm either in any way concerned about it or willing to waste your money on it?" Not. A. Chance. The van has been a huge blessing though. It was given to me by my father-in-law just days before our son was born. I was thinking about it when I wrote this post - My van, Honda Gold Wing, and Honda mower were all given to me. I don't actually operate anything (unless forced to drive my wife's car) that I had to buy. So maybe this challenge is real...

CTDO - was your Forester FWD or 4x4?

We have an 04' Forester. Nice to know they hold value to well! Our's was $18,250 after 3 hrs negotiating (MSRP was over 22k, we had a budget of under 19 grand and I was on a mission to get a good deal!). Brand new, included a towing package and a couple other minor options. 5 speed manual in green. It's been such a good vehicle. 112k and not one issue. Okay, it needed fog light bulbs and normal maintenance like a recent timing belt, as well as one set of tires. That's it! Been great in snow, lots of room, very well finished and built. Great in snow. It really is about the ideal all round vehicle. Peppy enough, comfortable, over 27 MPG (30 on highway), and it handles more like a sports sedan than a crossover/SUV thing.

*Gets rid of personal list and flips the table*

Chris, I had many of the same candidates under consideration: a Forester just like that one (they're getting redesigned for the 2014 model year BTW, with a somewhat decent CVT, more power and contemporary looks), a latter-day C3 Corvette, and a Viper.
I was even gonna go for a Caddy (and a project car to boot!) just like that one because a neighbor of mine has one that he's trying to sell!
Wild, huh?
Well, back to square one...

*puts table upright*

There is probably no way I would find either of these within a hundred miles of home, so here goes. In a previous garage challenge, a few luxury land yachts were mentioned. Several years ago I had a '60 Continental four door. It was big. The atendant where I parked at work referred to it as a "Two family flat." The engine was in excess of 400 c.i., with a two-barel carb. It actually didn't do badly on gas. On the highway, it floated. Way back I also had a '62 T-bird convert. That I would like to have, especially in the sports roadster option, with the cover over the back seat. If my wife hadn't already found her Mitsubishi convert, I would look into a Chrysler Crossfire roadster with a manual trans and the option with the rear spoiler that extends at over 60 MPH. Cycles were mentioned. A very appealing one would be a Honda Valkyrie Rune. Striking. Then to finish it off, a Victory. I have heard some good words about them.

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