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$100,000 Fantasy Garage Challenge: That Car Guy

Let's see... a hundred grand for garage toys. Where to start?

Jeep Garage ChallengeHow about our brand new vehicle first. For that, I'd get a 2-door Jeep Wrangler Sport, which is their base model. And from their somewhat limited palette, I'd get this color called Commando Green, which looks somewhat military to me.

I built and priced one; they come standard with tilt, cruise, traction control, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, fog lamps, a 285-hp V-6, a 6-speed manual, and more. Oh yeah, it also has 4WD standard... a Jeep without 4WD? Heresy!

The only options I'd want are air conditioning and a hard top; soft tops are just way too noisy on the highway. Its Grand Retail Total, minus shipping, is $24,085. Not bad.

Why get a Jeep? Well, I've always liked them, they make great service vehicles, if you get stuck it's your fault, and despite new model year updates, I think we know pretty much what the next one will look like.

Lincoln LimoNext would be a 1969 Lincoln Continental/Lehmann-Peterson Limousine. I've been fascinated with these as long as I can remember, so the gracious gift of 100 grand would bring me one. I've seen a few advertised around $20,000, so here's the check.

Of course, the 2003 F-150 Super Crew will stay. Its value is hard to define; the Fantasy Garage Challange rules say to figure 12,000 miles a year, which would place it at about 125,000. But this truck has 17,000. That's right... seventeen thousand miles on a truck that's over ten years old. It's also never had a scratch, and it still smells new. But rules is rules, and they say it's worth an even Steven $14,000.

And the 2001 Miata SE is a car that I've said if I ever got rid of, I'd regret doing so. Its book value is  $8,925.

344A high performance touring car must be had. How about a Porsche 928, one of my most lusted-after cars ever. Pinning down an exact year would be difficult, but I found this pristine 1979 example on craigslist for $9,500 obo.

I had the pleasure of driving a 928 GT for about a week, and got spoiled. Of all the cars we sampled on the show, this was the one I hated to see go the most. I told myself I'd have one some day, even if it was 1:18 scale and sat on a shelf.

But for this Challenge I'd probably want a newer one, built after 1991 (The first year and the first USA-marketed car line with dual front airbags). So let's guesstimate $18,000 for a really nice one.

1992 and later 928s are called the 928 GTS; their displacement was pushed to 5.4 litres with 345 hp, the bodywork was flared a bit, and they had larger brakes. In short, they were the final, refined form of Porsche's own 911-killer.

CBR500R with cowl and red striped wheelsI'm including a 2013 Honda CBR500R, since I've done plunked down the deposit on one. Delivery date should be in April, hopefully sooner. $5,999 is its MSRP, but the dealer wanted $400 for freight, $400 to unfreight it, and $149 to stuff some papers into a drawer. We're not counting those costs in this Challenge, but be prepared for them when you go shopping.

Oh, and I'm getting a $250 rear cowl (Shown) to replace the passenger's seat.. so that comes to $6,249 before negotiations. We're also not counting sales tax, tags, title, license fees, and new riding gear here.

I want to keep Mom's 2003 Mazda Tribute, both as a daily driver and a rememberance of her. The little SUV does many things well; it's not too big, not too small, carries 4 people comfortably with their luggage, and makes a great grocery-getter. Our vehicle value source puts its worth at $8,575.

OK, so the grand total here is $99,834. But running the range from a work vehicle to sport performance to all-out luxury with class to 2-wheeled fun, this is my fantasy garage. And I'm very thankful that much of it is already here, or at least will be soon.


Image credits: The Jeep image came from The Lincoln limousine photo is from The doofus standing beside the 928 GT is me. The CBR500R picture was found at


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This is wide open, so for starters, how about a Jensen Iterceptor?
I knew one person whose family owned one and his observation was succinct, "Ungodly fast." Then, I will second the idea of the car guy on the Porsche 928. Next, a Jaguar XK 140 or 150, which ever had the roll up windows. I feel that with the advent of the E-type Jags, the first XK's have been overlooked. Finally, with whatever funding is left over, I will invest at maximum interest for the inevitable substantial maintenance costs on this automotive bucket list.

I like the Wrangler. I've often thought it is really the only new car I like. Tough decision between the 2-door and 4-door though for me.

How do you manage to keep the miles so low on your Ford truck? Gas prices?

Toronado455, it's a long story, but basically, after I bought it, I realized a potential historical significance of the truck, since it's Ford's 100th year, and has a rare trim package.

Maybe I'll do a post on it some day.

As far as a 2-door Jeep vs. a 4-door, it's easy to put $40,000 into a 4-door, and I just like the classic 2-door. I thought I'd prefer the 4-door, but after looking at what is standard in the Sport, I'd be happy with that trim.

Nice picks, even if I disagree with motorcycles. Nice points on the Jeep, I've always liked those, and besides the Land Rover Defender, there's just nothing like it in the world.

(Chuck), I've heard rumors that putting back hardtops on right on those Jeeps are a b**ch, and that some have been sent to dealerships (multiple times, of course) so they can get the panels on right.
Are they legit?

One thing's not a rumor, a 4x4 Wrangler is a chick-magnet. :P

Yes, I've heard that they are a beast to get back on and avoid water and/or air leaks. Maybe it should never come off, and I can get a sunroof LOL.

I may go look at one soon... might get them to demonstrate how to remove and reinstall one. Sounds like good post material!

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