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January 14 Weekly Open Thread--Complete the following sentence: "Chevy runs _________."

As usual, this is your place for all discussions automotive. I have a couple of items to get the conversational juices going.

DeepFirst off, in the news last week, it was reported that GM is retiring its "Chevy Runs Deep" tagline in favor of a more "global" slogan: "Find New Roads." In a discussion thread over at TTAC, where the columnists were never impressed with the whole "Runs Deep" thing in the first place, commenters proposed alternatives ranging from snarky ("Find New Management") to serious ("Work or Play, It’s Your Chevrolet"). That last one's pretty good; I think it beats the snot out of "Find New Roads." Any GM slogan ideas from you, the Car Lust readership?

Speaking of Chevys running,...

... one of my law school buddies reports that he is rather happy with how his new Volt is doing just that. A couple months back, Ed posted on Facebook:

It is indeed a nice feeling to drive down the street in an uber cool techno-ride (made in the USA) knowing that you are not providing financial support to anti-American scumbags. And not having to stop at the germ-infested quickie-mart to fill the gas tank is pretty nice as well.

In response to a question from me on how the economics of Volt ownership were working out, he elaborated:

... there are no economics to work out. Once properly equipped in pebble leather, Bose sound, 30 gig hard drive, nav, Bluetooth, etc etc, it is a very nice ride. While arguably not quite as chic as the interior of some of my previous euro-trash, it is a well appointed, conservative, stress free interior that is quieter than any car I've ever driven. And, after ~700 miles, I've only burned through a few gallons of petrol. While driving home from the dealer, I was already feeling sorry for folks who do not have electric rides. Until there is a chic all electric with killer range (like a Tesla X) from a company that might actually be around to stand behind a battery warranty, there is not another car that I would want to drive. Gas stations are so last century.

In Ed's case, anyway, it seems that the slogan should be "Chevy runs cheap." His average daily drive is obviously within the Volt's electric-only range envelope, and that's going to help keep the cost of ownership down.

By the way, the best part of a zero emission electric ride is being able to remotely start the vehicle on a cold morning (without opening the garage door) and get everything warmed up while I am eating my breakfast. I am however a little disappointed that I can't start the car remotely with my iPhone; I still need to use the fob. Maybe Volt 2.0 will address this issue.

I'm no GM fan, nor an electric car enthusiast particularly, but I'm glad to hear that my friend Ed is happy with his electric. ¡Todo 'stá bien Chevrolet!

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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into taxpayers' pockets

Why not go back to the heartbeat of america? It may not be as true now as it once was, but it's a good slogan, and American as all hell.

By the way, have you seen the new Corvette? That almost looks as bad as a C5. Almost.

Through nearly all of this, the same theme seems to play... Chevy and GM are looking into the past, not the future. Yes, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, but what is his next project?

How about a theme along the lines of "Chevy Looks Toward Tomorrow!" or something like that. Something with some energy... some promise, like the futuristic World's Fair exhibitions and Autoramas of half a century ago... when they WERE the best car makers in the world.

What's it going to take to get these people to look out of their windshields instead of staring into their rear view mirrors? Another bankruptcy?

"Chevy Runs Deep" doesn't sound any worse than Dinah Shore singing "See the USA in your Chevrolet" back in the day.

I think Peter's already won this one. ;)

"Find New Roads"...the one we're on isn't working out...

Ben's "Find New Roads" slogan actually seems pretty good to me. (Don't know if that was meant to be serious or not.)

I really just think all these advert slogans are stupid though.

Just plain "Chevy Runs" would be good for a Nova, which in Spanish means "doesn't go". :-)

Yes, peter...all of us have already given them free money, so why not give them a free advertising slogan as well?

And yes again, TCG(Chuck)...but GM has been looking into the past for the last four decades, isn't that part of the problem? Why should we expect it to be any different today? GM should have been allowed to die instead of being bailed out. (I mean, seriously...they chose BUICK over Oldsmobile and Pontiac as part of their Grand Scheme?? And yet they keep BOTH GMC and Chevrolet alive making the same trucks? To borrow Paul Niedermeyer's phrase, just the latest of GM's Deadly Sins.)

Chris Mallow, it is the preacher cheering on the choir and vice versa. I was sick when they killed Pontiac, and Oldsmobile at least coughed up the Aurora and the Quad 4 before it kicked the bucket. Buick--feh. GMC- feh.

I remember having the old Chevy Nova when I was a kid and it protected us in an accident. Chevy Runs Deep sounds good, it makes you think for a second. To keep it simple, I would say Chevy Runs Well.

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