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Carspotters' Challenge #43--"You see any empty spaces anywhere?"

A crowded parking lot, in the days of platform shoes and pet rocks.

Don't forget to pn your "WIN" button on the lapel of your leisure suit.Anything here that lights up your mood ring?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the Station Wagon Forum's extensive collection of vintage street scenes, to which it was contributed by member "OrthmannJ.")


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Is that a BMC Maxi I see? OR did they call it an Austin? over near the left side between a Rambler and a Volvo

Dibs on the Vista Cruiser, and the Country Squire, that Yellow 72ish Mustang, and the Charger.

Ooh, lots of good ones in that pic - first row, 2 red Beetles, a beat-up 65-66 Pontiac Bonneville/Catalina wagon that's certainly seen better days.

Next row - blue 69 Chevelle, a total of 3 70 Pontiac Catalinas, a 72 Ford Country Squire, early 70s Monte Carlo

3rd row - dark car looks to be a Plymouth Valiant but can't be sure, next is a 71 Dodge Charger, 68-69 Olds Vista Cruiser, yellow car looks to be an early 70s Datsun 510, 70 Cutlass, 69 Cutlass, 68 Chevy Bel Air, green car is a 69-70 Ford Galaxie wagon (Ranch wagon, perhaps?)

Next rows up contain (in no particular order) a mustard yellow 71-72 Mustang, 2 AMC Rebels, a white Morris, a couple more Cutlasses and Catalinas

The only one I'm having trouble with is that little white car parked in between the white Morris and the gray AMC Rebel... an early 70s Toyota Corolla perhaps? A Renault of some sort? Hellifino :-/

That's not a Maxi--a Maxi has three separate side windows, that car only has two. Might be a Renault Le Car (Renault 5). Rear window shape and tail-lights look right for a Renault.

If memory serves the first year the Renault LeCar (5) was sold here in the states was 1975, that pic looks to be circa 1972-73 at the latest

By the lack of goofy bumpers, I would say it is definitely no later than 72.

Now, I remember what they called it here, An Austin America. I think it the UK they sold it as a Maxi.

Austin America, yes, It was called the Austin 1100/1300 in the UK. The Maxi was a different, bigger, car. Thats a Toyota Corolla next to it I think

I agree that is a Toyota Corolla. I would guess a '72.

The green wagon in the 3rd row next to the '68 Bel Air is a 1971 Mercury Marquis station wagon, actually. I had the Matchbox Car version of it, same color. Loved it! Up the row is a '71 Buick LeSabre I would love to have. Even with the light color interior. One thing is for sure, this is a Pontiac-rich environment. Four in just the first 2 rows, at least one in the bigger lot and at least two in the street.

The black car parked on the road in the background (man in yellow shirt standing by front fender) is a 1965 or '66 Cadillac, which makes it one of the older cars visible in this photo.

Does anyone know where this is? Looks like it might be a college campus with parking for a stadium or arena. There's a freeway running between the last grassy ridge and the high rises in the farther background. You can see a John Deere billboard and two exit signs. There is also a motel -- the sign says something underneath "MOTEL" but I can't read it.

I am not so sure about that Mad Hungarian, as the rear wheel cutouts seem a little high for a 65 or 66 Caddy , which would have had fender skirts.

Agreed -- it looks like a '70 Sedan de Ville to me.

No matter what the cars are that are parked on the road...they're so closed together no one's going anywhere soon.

Looks like a place that could benefit from some decent mass transit. Jebus!

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