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Carspotters' Challenge #42--It's All Over But The Cryin'

"It's All Over But The Cryin'."♫ If that's not a country music song, it should be. And our Holidays are now over, except for the surprise we'll get when we open our next bank statements. Oh the pain... the pain.

But at least the nightmare of the parking lot wars is over. So to take our minds off of the upcoming "obligations," here's a reminder, maybe from 1986 (See the scribbling?), of the fun we had finding parking spaces at the mall last month. And I'm sure glad that's over... till next time.

Christmas Mall Parking

I have no idea where this was taken, maybe Florida since the trees are still green, but I see lots of cool iron!

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

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I think that's a light blue Taurus at the bottom, just to the right of the light pole. Next to it is a two-tone Cutlass, maybe a Hurst Edition?

I think that powder blue car is a Buick. Love the white vinyl roof. Are vinyl roofs extinct except as a very rare dealer added option on certain old school luxoboats?

Ah, the powder blue/white roof car on the left of the pole is a GM, maybe a Buick or Pontiac. I was guessing about the one on the right.

I've seen a few Toyotas lately with vinyl roofs. Ugh... they do NOT go together.

All I can tell are:
- a black-silver Chevrolet/GMC Suburban on the same row as powder-blue
- a grey 3rd-gen Chevrolet Camaro (not Firebird because the taillights aren't smoked) beside said Suburban
- a white 7th-gen Ford Thunderbird with a 2-piece black vinyl roof (thank goodness for that opera window!)
- a black Ford Econoline conversion van looking for parking
- a white-orange third-gen Chevrolet/GMC C/K on the second row to the right
- something that looks eerily similar to a Subaru Brat right next to the C/K
- another C/K, looks like a white GMC, with a camper shell (it seems to protrude, so I don't think it's a Jimmy)
- what looks like a cream 2nd-gen Chevrolet Monte Carlo besides the pedestrians near mentioned C/K
- either a 1st or 2d-gen Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser -maybe even a Buick Sport Wagon- on the far left of the pic close to said T-bird

I would totally be all over this but man is it hard to tell which vehicle is which in this! Even the original source link pic is like this!

I think the date of the photo might be more like 1977 than 1986--I see a couple of GM "Colonnade" coupes but only one G-body (new for the '78 model year), a Volare (or Aspen) or two but no K-cars (introduced 1981), no Hondas, no Rabbits, a couple of Mustang IIs, no X-bodies (introduced in the fall of 1979 as 1980 models)--and if it were 1986, there'd surely be a few minivans.

I see a couple of Cutlasses that are '81 or later models, but yes, the picture may predate 1986.

I think this matches the car that is two places to the right of the pole at the bottom of the picture (Whew!).

There is a car to the right of the closest light pole... four spaces to the right, next to the red Camaro, that I swear is a late '80s Chrysler New Yorker/Dodge Dynasty.
They are the only cars I can recall being THAT square and bright white. Produced in fall '87 as '88 models.
But if that's the case, there are a LOT of '70s cars in that parking lot!

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