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Car Lust - 1969 Corvette Stingray

Long have I lusted for a Corvette.  Not just any Vette mind you, but the earlier version of the Stingray.  A 1969 Corvette with the 427 cubic inch big block nestled comfortably under the hood. One kind of like this:

1969 Corvette
Steve J. Lindsay's project '69 Corvette
So why that Corvette, exactly? 

Thanks for asking. It goes back to my impressionable childhood....

...It was summer time, I’m guessing 1982 or 1983, and two houses up from my grandparents, there was a guy who owned this very car.  A metallic fleck light blue, and T-tops to make it extra cool.

I was outside playing on the lawn with the dog when I heard some shouting, then a house door slam.  Moments later a car door slammed, and I heard a tremendous growl coming from their garage.  Gear change, hit the gas and the 'Vette laid rubber down the driveway as the guy backed out into the street.  A moment to shift gears, drop the hammer, and he smoked the tires about half a block leaving matching black stripes the whole way.

This wasn’t just car lust, it was love at first sight.

So I’ve spent the last 30+ years of my life wanting one of these cars, cursed without the funds to track one down to build back up.  Steve J. Lindsay has done a project rebuild on a nearly identical car (though my memory doesn’t include side pipes, I do think I’d add them on as well).

I think I’d be inclined to stick with the 427 if at all possible.  I’d also go with Corvette yellow given my preference.  T-tops, while at times known to be leaky, are almost a must.  And as I mentioned, I think the side pipes are sexy.  Posi in the rear, and I’d want a manual transmission without question.  Not something I’d race, but I’d want to upgrade brakes and rubber and suspension so it really would hold the road well.  I’d ditch period correct rims for something with a bit more style, though not bling rims.  The shapes and curves of the body are where the eye should rightly rest on this car, and everything else should be adding to it, not taking away. 

Clearly I’m not a purist looking to do a period correct restoration.  I’d happily swap in more comfortable seats, and it would have to get some sound as well.  Since space is pretty limited in this model of Corvette, I might have to settle for a single small subwoofer in a custom box, but I’d find room for it somewhere.

427 Corvette Engine
Steve J. Lindsay's rebuilt 427
Someday, I will have one.  Of course the problem with “someday” is that each year they get more rare, and each year they get more difficult to find.  I fear that by the time I have the time and money for this project it may no longer be possible.  But until then, I’ll hold on to my lust/love for this car, keeping the dream alive.

The best set of specs I’ve found on the ‘69 Corvette comes from the aptly named

--Big Chris

The photos come from Steve J. Lindsay's page chronicling his Corvette rebuild.  Worth clicking through for his other photos and a bit of his story on the rebuild.


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This car looks so "right" with the small chrome bumpers.

It's funny how the body-colored bumpers on these Corvettes changed them from a 60s icon to overweight, bloated cruisers.

Big Chris, you have similar tastes to this other big guy:

Here are more pics:

I don't have all the details, since I just skimmed through the series.
It's supposed to be equipped with an LS7 (this graphic novel series was made in the 90s, way before the LS-series LS7 Corvette came into market).
At first I thought it was some fluke by internet translators, but it turns out that there were indeed LS7 454s designed but never built in 1971, but their intake manifolds did.
But who knows. I still believe that the translators goofed.

I know how down on power they were, how cramped the interior is, and how you look like Bob Guccione driving it, but I prefer the C3s after the 1978 restyle.

Tigerstripes: Manga translators are pretty accurate generally, except when a Japanese cultural term goes over the heads of Americans, they'll swap in an Americanism that means roughly the same thing in context. Kenichi Sonoda is fanatical for detail, lurves old American iron, and usually does his homework for his Japanese fanbase -- I'm inclined to believe him. ;)

where can I find the specs for the new Corvette? I haven't seen them anywhere.

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