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The Ferrari Store

542Ho! Ho! Ho! We're just entering the Christmas shopping season, and maybe we're wondering what to get the kids. A little red wagon? Naw, they're out of date. A Little Red Riding Hood doll? Who makes them any more? So hmmm... what else can we get that's red...

Well, about a block off of Market Street in San Francisco, on Stockton Street to be exact, is a little place called The Ferrari Store. No, they don't have any Dinos, Testarossas, or Magnum, P.I.-style 308s, not even a nice 250 SWB for sale... at least not full-sized ones. Heck, they don't even sell spark plugs here.

But there is a full-sized replica Ferrari Formula One racing car on the right as you walk in. And the staff is more than happy to greet you and show you anything you are looking for. They're not pushy, but they are right there... and there are lots of them.

The store covers two floors, and the downstairs is primarily filled with all sorts of sporty attire with prancing horses on them. I purchased two Ferrari flags here as Christmas presents a while back; one of them went to my late friend George Arents' granddaughter. (Spoiler Alert: I didn't buy anything here this year.)

Meeting you on the landing on the way downstairs is this 2997 c
V-10. It served duty in 2002 with 15 GP wins, driven by two gentlemen named M. Schumaker and R. Barrichello. Sadly, it wasn't for sale. Or lease.

Everything Ferrari for the wee ones. Start them out right, no?!

I wonder if
il Commendatore would play with one of these today?

Some of the stuff is displayed more than once around the store; there are several stacks of these remote control cars. A small library of, you guessed it, books on Ferrari line the back wall, not far from the coffee mugs, ink pens, and golf balls.

And after you walk around for a while, one just seems to yearn for something... better. I'm not sure if it was the display duplications or the golf club crowd that the store seems to be aiming at... but I just didn't find anything I couldn't live without (though one of the R/C cars looked like fun). And everything in here looks like it could be purchased somewhere else... or online. Pretty soon the glitz wears off, maybe you don't see the book you really would like to have, or some of the prices just seem... a little high.

543But if you want to give (or get yourself) anything with    Ferrari    emblazed on it, this is your place. I'm sure there's something in here on anybody's budget. And you might hurry... there aren't that many shopping days left till Christmas!

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits:  I had to get out of there before I found a credit card.


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