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Carspotters' Challenge #41--Longroof Night at the Movies

For this week, let's try something different. This is the trailer to the forthcoming documentary film Wagonmasters:

And here's a sequence from the movie itself, shot at the 2011 Hershey Auto Show:

See anything interesting in either clip? (Hint: the white Pontiac has appeared in Car Lust before.)

Sam Smartt and Christopher Zaluski made the film as part of their "homework" while earning their MFAs at Wake Forest University. It's been screened at some film festivals, and they're shopping it around for TV broadcast. Expect the DVD to hit the streets sometime next year.

Looks like our kind of film, about our kind of people.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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Interesting documentary subject, looking forward to checking it out. Especially liked seeing the '59 Impala wagon.

Have to take issue with one part in the first video - around 1:08, some guy claims something to the effect of "you can put a 4x8 sheet of plywood in the back of a station wagon. You can't do that in a minivan or an SUV..."

Huh? What planet is this guy on?

The station wagons in the '50's and '60's were very versatile. The seats folded up or down easily for either cargo or passengers, and the interiors were well done. As for holding a 4 X 8 sheeet of plywood or drywall, it could be done, but several sheets could be rather heavy, possibly more than the springs were made for. It was little more than a selling point. That's what trucks are for.

makes me miss my Saab station wagon with the manual tranny

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