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The 2012 Nashville British Car Club Show

Call this a hat trick if you will. The 2010 and 2011 Nashville British Car Club Shows have been featured here at Car Lust, so now we complete the trilogy with the October 13, 2012 presentation, which included the Sunbeam Alpine Invasion.

The weather for each of these three shows was simply superb... dry October days with temperatures in the low 80s. Quite the contrast from the damp country that built these magnificent automotive specimens, which may explain why many of them are here in the first place.

2010 and 2011 brought a multitude of Triumphs, MGs, Jaguars, and the like. They were lined in rows that seemed almost endless. And there were a number of those roadsters at the 2012 show, but this year seemed to be devoted to the rarest of the species. And that's what we'll concentrate on here... so let's start with the really rare:



This 1963 Sunbeam Harrington LeMans is one of only 250 ever made, and has only 39,000 original miles.



Next to the Harrington LeMans was this 1967 Sunbeam Tiger racing car. From the animal graphics on the rear, it looked like this car may have once had a tiger in the tank. (Five points goes to whoever gets that one.)



Whether you said, "Sorry about that, Chief," "Missed it by that much," or "Would you believe 10 Boy Scouts with pocket knives?," this pristine '67 Alpine looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor or onto a Hollywood TV production set.



How about a 1949 Triumph 2000? According to its detail sheet, these were built from 1946 to 1949. And that boot sitting area with a windscreen is called a rumble seat by us Colonists.


These people had never seen or heard of a DeLorean. Seriously. They were asking questions like, "When was it built?" and "Why don't they make them any more?" Boy, do I have a movie to recommend to them.



Before there was 007, there was Brown. David Brown. And he built this 1952 Aston Martin DB2 which bears his initials. Only 308 of these cars were made, and today this car is used in vintage rallyes all over the world.


A 1956 Jensen 541. This is Number 93 of a total of 173 made. It doesn't look like it's made of glass fibre, but it is.



Resplendent in all of its 1980s velour magnificence is this 1980 Rover 3500 SD1. It sort of reminds me of a Ferrari Dino for some strange reason...



Complete with a nicely displayed original ad, this Norton Commando 750 was the only bike at the show. I'm not sure of its year, but I am sure I'd not want to ride commando on this.


Here's a nice little 1957 AC Bristol with a big motor in it. Seems that was an astonishingly clever thing to do to the car... maybe the idea will catch on.

OK, we'll put one MGB roadster here. But just one. And only one.


As stated earlier, this was a day for rare cars. Only 252 of these 1978 TVR 300S models were ever created, and fewer than 75 were brought into the USA and Canada. If you think you met another one of these on the road, you might want to have your eyeglasses prescription checked.


And speaking of not meeting another one of these on the road, this is Number 366 of 701 Morgan Aero 8s ever produced for the world. Our example is a 2005 model, and will git cha from naught to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds.


This badge is proudly displayed on the front of the Aero 8.


Another member of the small Morgan family is this immaculate 1965 Morgan +4.


A proper British car show should include a Rolls-Royce motorcar, and this 1924 Silver Ghost, Chassis 3AU, filled the bill. This car was featured at the Paris Motor Show in 1924, and is reportedly the first Rolls-Royce motorcar shown to the public with four-wheel brakes.


What was probably the "cutest" car at the show was this 1933 Austin Seven. It was for sale, and $19,500 or less would have parked it in your garage.



So indeed, some very rare and beautiful iron from the United Kingdom.

255And that's about it for the 2012 Show. Sadly, there's never room in a post for all the cars... not even all of the great cars. So hopefully they'll be back next year. And hopefully, so will I.

Also, maybe the weather next year will be as nice as it was this year, and there will be more truly amazing and unique vehicles from across the big pond.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: Thank goodness for sunny days.


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I love that Rover, it was styled to look like a Ferrari Daytona.

I had a client at one time who owned a Sunbeam Harrington. It's one of those cars you wear--and it was a couple sizes too small for me.

Anytime I see an event like this I'm reminded of one I went to back in the mid-90s, I came across an elderly lady who was there with a bright yellow 1969 Triumph Spitfire hardtop fastback (talk about rare). Her husband was a huge British car enthusiast and picked that car up when it was a total wreck and needed a full-blown resto.

Long story short, he unfortunately passed away before the restoration was complete, so his wife had the Spitfire's restoration finished in his honor. And she actually drove this car to many shows like the one here in the story and won many awards with it - just thought that was one of the most "cockle-warming" car sagas I'd ever heard, and it still touches me to this day.

You noticed the blinged-out MGB too? I've heard jokes about car owners buying every accessory in the JC Whitney catalog... I never thought I'd see the same thing from Victoria British. I bet those seats came from a Miata. He's got speakers in the headrest.

Here are my pictures. They weren't very good because it was too crowded to get good photos by the time I arrived.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Chris. They are great!

Was that Rover styled by Giugiaro? I have to say that there were some awfully lovely cars in the late seventies-early eighties, and they didn't need ridiculous gazillion LED lighting fixtures to look cool.

Peter, here's the Wiki on the Rover:

Thank you, Chuck. Very interesting link. Love Rovers.

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