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Thanksgiving 2012

Today is a day set aside in the United States to express thanks for one's material and spiritual possessions. This year, our family has much to be thankful for.

Monday night, P.J., my oldest son, was driving home from the University on a country road in our Hyundai Accent, cruising at a comfortable 50 or so. A woman in a minivan ran a stop sign and popped out of a side road, hitting the Hyundai hard enough that it rolled over and landed in a ditch.

As you can see from the low-res cellphone photos below, the car is a total loss.

Cookie 2012 1 Cookie 2012 2As you can also see from the low-res cellphone photos, while the car took a beating, the passenger compartment remained intact. My son was wearing his seatbelt, and walked away under his own power with only a couple of bruises. The other driver and her 10-year old passenger were also unhurt.

We're thankful for a lot of things: for the fact that no one was seriously injured, for the passers-by who called 911 and stood by to render assistance, for the township volunteer fire department for getting there quickly and extracting my son from the wreckage, for the ambulance crew that was there just as quickly, for the tow truck driver. Most of all, we are thankful for those engineers in Ulsan, Korea who did such a wonderful job on the Accent's structure and crashworthiness.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

Thanks also to my brother contributor That Car Guy (Chuck) for cleaning up the images.


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Happy for the relatively good outcome so close to the holiday, CtDO.

I am thankful for being at least reasonably healthy so far from home and hearth, especially given the state of the roads, drivers, and vehicles here (*knock wood*).

Happy Thanksgiving to all Car Lust readers and contributors!

We should all take notice of this very special day. Happy Birthday, Rodney Dangerfield!

Wonderful posting - thanks! We all share your joy and gratitude.

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