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November 12 Weekly Open Thread: Gone To The Dogs

100_1216My bud and former GMC Value Van owner Dave took this picture the other day while on his travels. I have no real idea when or where it was taken, probably somewhere in Arkansas, but it gave me quite the chuckle.

It appears that this canine is waiting patiently for somebody (or maybe its significant other) to come out of the store so they can go on about their way. If the next picture had shown Mrs. Bowser appearing with a bag of chew bones, I would not have been surprised. Looks like he (or she) did a great job of getting parked within the parking space lines as well.

Being in a vehicle that may not be streel legal in all 50 states and provinces adds to the believability that Rover there is driving his "rover." That may be a vehicle approved for transit only in a community. And after all, would any state give a dog a drivers license? Even Tennessee?

So have you taken or seen any funny car-related pictures or stories lately? Maybe even one Holiday-related, as that time is nearing. Please share or describe any... we could all use a good laugh.

And of course, this is the place for any vehicle-related discussions without growling at each other too much.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)


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Hate those frickin' things. Not the dog. Golf carts. If you are going to play the game of golf, walk. Like the pros do. And if you are going to drive to the mall, take a car, not a battery operated pos.

Golf carts are street-legal on the Lake Erie islands--and appear to be the preferred mode of transportation.

When I was in the military I pulled behind a Security Police pickup. Through the back window I could see the vague shape of the driver and sitting immediately next to him was the outline of another soldier. The far right position was empty.
Having THAT kind of mind, I thought the cop's partner ahd become his girlfriend and they were making the most of their patrol time.
Suddenly the "girlfriend" turned her was a German Shephard...his military working dog.

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