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Nov. 26 Weekly Thread: " 'HALT!,' In The Name Of The Environment!"

399 - CopyWhat we see here is real. His name is John, and he's an officer with the San Francisco Police Department. He's stationed at SFO (San Francisco/Oakland Int'l Airport), and loves the Segway that gets him around. He says it's quieter than a horse, doesn't eat as often, and leaves much less of a mess.

Then there's New York City's finest hybrid force. That thin blue line protects us citizens from scofflaws and nasty hydrocarbon emissions (Well, it emits less than most other cars and trucks anyway). It also gets about the best fuel mileage as one could hope for in the city that never sleeps. And as a PR tool, it's much less intimidating than, say, a Dodge Charger.











So on both coasts (And in many places in between), America is finding more efficient ways to serve the public. Sure, bicycle cops have been on the beat for a while, and there have even been rollerblading city watch groups. But we're talking vehicles with a motor here. Or an engine. Or maybe both. I'm waiting to see a real Scion xB paddy wagon.

This being an official Car Lust Weekly Open Thread, you have the right to remain silent or you may have an attorney present with you while discussing anything automotively-related here. And of course anything you say can be used against you in a court of your fellow commenters.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Just the facts: The Segway photo was captured in San Francisco on October 30, 2012; the arresting Prius image was taken in Times Square on April 13, 2012.


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Political correctness run amok, I say. I can accept them on bicycles and even a Segway in the bigger cities, but come on... their jobs are hard enough as it is without humiliating them further by having them tool around on the streets in a Prius.

Honestly, how much respect can a police officer garner in one of those contraptions?

The best commentary on the environment I have heard is that by George Carlin. It is on YouTube.

I had to look up those rollerblading police.

They exist.

From Tigerstrypes: "I had to look up those rollerblading police.

They exist."

Yes, our town makes rollerbladers criminals, while other cities embrace them and their health benefits. Our town said that "Rollerblading was dangerous, and caused an unsafe situation for our citizens." When confronted with information from the federal Consumer Products Safety Commission (in 1996) that stated twice as many people were killed every year playing golf as compared to rollerblading, they still held their stance. Also, they never produced the info they said that they had from the city insurance company that told them that rollerblading was unsafe.

While we were defending our sport, I saw a TV special where there was a group of citizens on skates that not only were getting great cardio workouts, they were also watching out for smash-and-grabs and such. It's amazing that one city supported the sport while the other lied to its citizens for reasons unknown.

So is there any wonder I want to move away from Franklin, Tennessee? LOL

I'm not at all astonished by this move, for a number of reasons. First, the little electrics and hybrids make a lot more sense in an urban setting, anyway; hybrids are much more well-known for their greater efficiency in stop-and-go traffic, as compared to on the highway (i.e., where rural cops, nearly all county sheriffs, and state patrolmen spend most of their time). Second, urban cops have largely been emasculated when it comes to pursuing criminals in their vehicles; high-speed pursuits have been regularly curtailed as "too dangerous for the public good". Whether you agree with that viewpoint or not, it's becoming a fact especially in overcrowded cities, and so they no longer need vehicles with a lot of horsepower or handling capabilities to chase down the bad guys. Again, that makes the EV or hybrid a great choice.

Now, given the premiums that the police forces likely still pay (even if they buy in bulk, which I doubt at this point), I expect that the FISCAL efficiency of these vehicles is a wash (just like they still are for regular consumers). I'd say the PR value (or just the "green" value, if you consider that important in this situation) is likely a lot higher.

I can only shake my head at the Segway at the airport. Obviously, the "flatfoot" days are long over.

I thought the POINT was for the cruisers to be intimidating. So much for the Interceptor. That thing couldn't intercept a bug fast enough for it to leave a mark on the windshield. Good news for scofflaws in Cali...

The NYPD Prius is for traffic cops, not regular beat cops. The NYPD uses a mix of Crown Vics, Chargers, Impalas and the occasional Fusion or Altima hybrid.

I do like what it says on the side of the Prius... Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect. Guidelines we all should try to live by.

Seems cycling would give the greatest flexibility as well as obvious environmental and physical benefits.

There's one environmentally-friendly mode that hasn't been explored yet... Unicycle Cops!

Our local police use Altima hybrids, and they claim that they are faster than the old CVPI's.

OK Hybrids, whatever, but couldn't they at least by American? How about a Fusion from the last American car company?

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