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Carspotters' Challenge #38--Harbor Drive

This time, we've set the WABAC Machine to 1962 and arrived in Seattle* Portland, Oregon.Interesting rear-engined compact there in the foreground.Note the owl on the billboard. It's a hoot.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the Station Wagon Forum's collection of vintage street scenes, contributed by member "yellerspirit.")

*Corrected per the comments below.


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I like seeing a '59 Chevy (on the left) and a '60 Chevy (on the right) in the same photo.

'59 and '60 Chevs., '60 Ford, '56 Lincoln, '61 Chev., '59 Ford, '53 Ford?, '57 Dodge?, '60 Falcon? After those, I will have to look a lot harder.

Renault Dauphine! Awesome.

Is than a Volvo just ahead of the VW in the far lane?

Also note the Ford pick-up...back when they were only work trucks.

Seeing 2 Corvairs on the ramp "to the coast" in the left lane. Just ahead of the top of the tractor trailer and the 2nd one five cars ahead of that. On the way to the 2nd Corvair is a "60 T-Bird and a personal favorite to the right of it, a '62 Buick LeSabre. But what is stumping me is the car behind the LeSabre. At first glance it looks like "60 T-Bird with a Continental kit. But the more I look at it, the more I doubt it. And do I see a "60 or "61 Valiant tucked in next to the "59 Chevrolet on the left?

good comparative study of the '59 vs '60 Chevy rear ends.

This was taken in Oregon, not Seattle - the highway signs clearly say "Oregon" above the route numbers. Probably Portland, which is just south of the Washington / Oregon border.

It is Portland. If you look at the towers at the top of the ramp, you see the call letters for 1330 KPOJ, Portland on the front tower.

It is Oregon, hence the KPDJ radio station billboard.

Not many 1962 cars, are there? The Buick on the up-ramp, the Ford in the near lane - and possibly a Mercury fender just coming into view in the foreground? Might even have been taken in late 1961.

How many years of Chevrolet? a 56, (is that a 57 in the far lane behind the Skylark?), 58, 59, 60, and 61 (second behind the truck). Plus I think the old car in front of the VW is a late 40's Chev.

not a single Japanese or German car

As a '60 T'bird owner I always look for Square birds in these shots and I'm pretty sure I see three.

Two on the ramp, one in each lane just below the sign. Both look to be '58s or '59s judging by the 2 tail lights ('60s have 3). The one on the right has a continental kit.

The third I'm less sure about. Behind the '59 Chevy on the right is what I believe to be the nose of a Squarebird. Not way to be certain about the year.

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