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October 22 Open Thread - Fine Line Between Awesome and Insane

It's the internet.  Full of entertaining things that run the razor's edge between nuts and "Why didn't I think of that?"  As the father of a 3 year old, I'm tempted to replicate the following video but we'll do it as a father-son trike.  Neighborhood walks will never be the same again!



I'd make room in my garage!  Anybody any have any fun projects you are working on?  Projects sitting gathering dust in the corner of the garage?  Waiting for parts, time, or more likely money to move to the next stage?


As always, this is the place for all the other things that might not fit under our other threads.  Pull up a seat, crack your favorite relaxing beverage, and share with us for a spell.

--Big Chris


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He seems to be British... maybe he should be on Top Gear.

I can see the Stig trying to hit a top speed on it...

With "Baby Stig" in the pram.

And I thought this was pretty wild:

I gotta try that will I'm still young! But finding the right (read: not heavily transited) hill is gonna be monumental!

That's crazy I thought he used a real baby at first. Cool, but so dangerous.

I don't think we here at Car Lust would have posted that if a real infant had been involved. This thing is about as dangerous as those baby trailers pulled behind bicycles.

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