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October 8 Weekly Open Thread: Buh Bye, Splash Guards

218When I bought the Miata six years ago, it was about 99% stock, but it had splash guards behind every wheel. I still think they were dealer-installed, and I left them on because I thought the paint under them may have been altered by them being on the car for so long.

But some leaves had built up in the front fenders, so yesterday I took one of the guards off to help clear them out. It turned out that there was plenty of muck under the guard, and it was wet. So the decision was instantly made to get all of them off the car as soon as possible.

I have to say that the paint and metal on the car looked solid; I was expecting the worst. There was an audible sigh of relief. The areas cleaned up well, and I think the car actually looks much better without them. Once again I am surprised and amazed at the quality of newer metals, and their resistance to rot.

This isn't the first aftermarket piece I've taken off and improved a ride. My father had stuck a windshield on my first bike (a trail bike), so that had to go... then there was the tacky chrome tailpipe end on a pickup that kept rattling... finally it came off. I'm sure there are other horror stories of good stuff gone wrong.

And as usual, this is the place to chat about any options that may have gone wrong, or anything else even remotely car-related.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credit: That old cedar bench has supported so many car repair projects, I just hate to get rid if it.


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So, does the removal of splash guards mean you've taken the first step to lower it?

I've found a thread with over 267 pages of inspiration in case you ever wanna modify the thing:

After almost losing my nails trying to get tar off the bumpers, I convinced my Grandfather to get some splash guards installed on his then-daily, an all-white '04 Grand Cherokee while we went and picked it up from the body shop.

I was shocked at the devil-may-care method of the employees as they just screwed the bloody things in place. No use of the factory screws and locations, just a power drill and done. Grandpa didn't care. It didn't really leave me with a good impression of the shop, though.
Personally, I'm kinda glad it doesn't have 'em anymore (too much detail).

Actually, I think tonight's ice cream helped lower the car a little more.

I have a '94 Miata R that I put flaps on just after I bought it. It helped the car look a little wider and more aggressive, especially after a Bilstein/Eibach suspension replacement. A local guy named Bob Lutz commented they were a nice touch.

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