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October 29 Weekly Open Thread: "♫ A Hearse Is A Hearse (What's Worse, What's Worse) ♫"

Hearses aren't supposed to be funny, but one look at these beauties reveals something of a morbid sense of humor, I suppose. I'll bet they are expensive as well... so much so that one would be buried in debt to pay for it. I mean... you'd be coughin' up money for years just for the gas. But after all, people are just dying to get into these things, right?

Hearse bike

Hearse H and M

Hearse Organic

Hearse formal
So, bad (OK, terrible) puns aside, what type or brand of vehicle would you want to take your last ride in? Would it be a plain hearse, or maybe one with a little more pizzaz? I don't think it'll matter to me, because usually when I ride with somebody else driving, I get car sick.

As always, this Weekly Open Thread is the place to discuss anything automotive-related. Just please don't have a heart attack while doing it.

And apologies to Mister Ed, wherever he is.

--That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: The motorcycle hearse image is from The Jaguar hearse frame from Harold and Maude was found at The "Organic Hearse" picture came from The formal hearse presentation photograph with all the happy people admiring it is from


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I for one have absolutely no problem with anything like this. I mean, why stick with a conventional (and depressing) Lincoln or Cadillac hearse - why not go out with something stylish and memorable? That's exactly how I'd want my last ride to be!

I'll be dead, so I really wouldn't care.

It might be the only time in my existence I ride in a Lincoln or Cadillac, though.

The cycle look like "American Chopper" meets "The Munsters".

It's an interesting question; like M. Thompson said, by that time, I'll be too dead to care what my carcass is being hauled in, so to say "I'd like thus-and-so" is irrelevant.

That being said, I'd like to go in a horse-drawn glass sided flower car that has been converted to an electric horseless carriage. High wheels, tiller steering, acetylene lamps, and Edison batteries. Preceded by a Dixieland band.

But I wouldn't be at all offended if my family ignored my wishes and saved the money. I wouldn't know.

Don't forget Chicago gangster "Willie the Wimp" Stokes and his Cadillac coffin, immortalized in song by Stevie Ray Vaughn:

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