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Carspotters' Challenge #32--"I'll take one of each, please."

"Lindsay, do you know where Chris put the keys to the Time Machine?"

"They're hanging up next to the keys for the AMCs. What do you need them for?"

"Just, um, just, ah, confirming some of my research on the Auburn Speedster article. Yeah, that's it, confirming research. Yeahhh. That's the ticket. C'mon, Cookie, let's go for a walk."


"Oh, and Mike--what's up with the $15,000 requisition from petty cash?"

"It's, um, for, ah, dog treats--dog treats!--and, and, and coffee and snacks for the break room. And some other stuff."

"Fifteen grand for dog treats? We need to have a talk about your expense account. Mike, people are starting to wonder how you're able to afford all those pristine low-mileage Wagonaires on your Car Lust salary."

"I'm just good at arbitraging. You know, pay pre-inflation prices with post-inflation dollars. That kind of thing."

"What are you talking about, pre-inflation prices?"

"It's, ah, um, er--Oh no! Look at the time! I'll be late. Gotta run. We're almost out of olive oil. Left my suit at the cleaners, too. They'll be closing soon. Kthanxbye!"

"What kind of discount could I get on a Lark for buying in bulk?"

"What does he mean, 'late?' It's a time machine, fercryinoutloud."

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Image obtained from the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum.)


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Funny. And cool picture.

having a hard time identifying the black sedan between the Beetle and the bus in the right.

I think the black sedan is a 1954 Studebaker Champion. The black car behind the VW van is a 52-56 Vauxhall. The two-tone car in the left foreground, partially obscurred by the palm tree looks like a '53-ish Wolseley to me. The black car at the corner, under the building, looks like a 1970-ish Mercedes, but Studebaker was out of business by then....maybe the dealers kept the signage for a while for customer support?

This is a real mystery shot - is it Cape Town? The cars are driving on the left (painted stop sign on the pavement), and there are a number of British cars. The dealership name includes 'western province' - the only references I come up with on Google for 'drive on the left' countries are for Cape Town, South Africa and Columbo, Sri Lanka. I guess I'd bet on Cape Town.

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