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Carspotters' Challenge #31--Oregon Trail

Here's a vintage postcard of Madras, Oregon for your carspotting pleasure:

"You have reached Madras. Do you want to (1) eat (2) buy gas (3) buy souveniers or (4) continue?"

Have a seat by the window in the Towne House and look for interesting cars.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Image obtained from the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum.)


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Nice white 1965 Cadillac parked on the left.

I wonder what that large structure is in the distance on the hill.

The VW bug on the left appears to have running boards as did my dad's 58. The structure in the distance might be related to mining.

Is the red car in the center a Volve P1800?

The building in the background is a grain elevator...Madras is in wheat country.

Wheat country... grain elevator. Thanks!

Appears to be a red P1800 coupe, yes.

Good catch on the Volvo. I'm pretty sure that the white car ahead of it is a Lark.

As an Avanti owner (and SDC member) I should have caught the Lark!
Neat (and a bit surprising) Volvo.

I'll claim a 55 Mercury ahead of the VW Beetle and maybe a Rambler American ahead of the Merc.

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