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Your wife is hot! - 7/23/12 Open Thread

This is your Monday thread - the collecting bin for all your thoughts that might not fit elsewhere.

This photo comes from a friend of mine who has a car audio business:

Your wife is hot


Appropriate for this summer I think.  Stay cool, pull up a chair, and join us for some conversation.

--Big Chris


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We normally go on one major vacation a year. We fly to the destination, then rent a car. My lady does not like heat, and specifies a light interior when placing an order for a rental. Last year when we went to the rental office, the clerk took us to a car with a dark interior. Immediately my wife said "I specfied a light interior, and that is what I want." They then brought two more, each with a darker interior, and both were rejected. Then,someone higher up came from the office and asked what would make her happy. Again, light interior. He then said, "Which of these two would do?" The choice was between a Grand Marquis and a Caddy. By chance she picked the Caddy. Same price as the original pick. It turned out well.

You've probably seen the Chevy ads touting their new 60-day return policy. Turns out that no one thought through the income tax implications of paying a full refund for a depreciated car:

I just found out I have the same birthday as James May (though I'm 6 years older):

Have you guys done a post on the car in Borat yet? If not, you maybe should consider it.

8 years ago I rented a Chevy Malibu in Miami and drove it around South Florida for a week in late June. Red exterior, dark grey (almost black) interior. Hottest car I've ever been in - even with the windows down. I made the mistake of jumping in after a day at the beach on Marco Island and when I went to put the seat belt on, the metal tongue hit my exposed flesh (no shirt on) and literally burned its image on me. I'd have to turn the air on and let it run for about 5 minutes before the steering wheel would be cool enough to comfortably hold on to.

1) Rentals in that region should by law be required to have light interiors.

2) Rentals in that region should by law come equipped with an interior sun deflector of some sort.

My wife has been lusting after an RV that's bigger and more modern than our '76 Westy. Her current favorite: a Serro Scotty HiLander to tow behind our Odyssey. Bigger? Yes. More modern? Not really. I have a feeling we'll be doing some 'renovation'. On the other hand, the Odyssey is a superb road trip machine, lacking only AWD and any sort of proper cargo tiedown points to be practically perfect. I realize that AWD adds weight and cost, and that the new stability and traction control systems are quite good, but there's something satisfying about being able to sling the family truckster around like you're a WRC driver when the roads turn to dog snot.

Chris M, I feel your pain with the hot cars, I just ran through Tennessee in 100 degree heat in my black van, not fun. But for God’s sake man, NO MORE LAWS! The government just passed 40,000 pages of regulation last year alone, I think its official everything is now illegal.
But the hot cars in Florida could be a golden opportunity for an entrepreneur; a rental agency with all white and silver cars. You could have fun with the advertising, Cool cars for hot times! You could also have the windows heavily tinted and have a sunshade with your website front and back so when people steal it they can inadvertently advertise for you.

Marve, I live near Nashville. I feel your pain every day here.

That's why, when I ordered my truck, I got it in Oxford White with a tan cloth interior, with heated seats for the wintertime.

It's easier to heat a white vehicle than it is to cool a black one.

Hey, there's a saying there LOL.

Card room. Free planned entertainment. What more could you ask for?

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