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The Aero-Trail: a 21st Century Trailer

A good friend of mine who is a local automotive reporter and fellow racing nut suggested wanting a really modern trailer to take to Florida and leaving it there for future trips. It got me excited. I've designed many power boats before, but never thought of designing a travel trailer. This is my first attempt.

Aero-Trail by Virgil M. Exner, Jr, 2012Now, I'll have to design a matching tow vehicle.

--Virgil M. Exner, Jr.

Download a PDF of the Aero-Trail by clicking here


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That's really a nice design. But I would consider placing the living area in the front and the bedroom in the back. Of all the travel trailers I've been in, that just seems to be the most comfortable placement of the floorplan.

You've seen the slide-outs as well... what about a slide-out deck? With supports, you may get one as wide as 7 feet in an 8-foot-wide trailer. The length can go back to near the wheels.

Chuck, your slide out deck idea is intriguing. Do you mean that it would slide out from the rear of the trailer instead of from the side?

Well, the door is on the side, so it would slide out from the side. I've actually been working on this idea for some time. Most RV trailers are 8 feet wide; I know the deck would probably not be the entire width... but there are possibilities, even having it overlap.

I like it Mr.Exner. Thank you for sharing some of your designs with us.

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