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"Styling and the Experimental Car" (1964)

Submited for your consideration, a Ford promotional film from 1964, Styling and the Experimental Car.

The Aurora concept wagon, which was our subject on Tuesday, is featured in great detail from 9:39 to 12:00.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner


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That "Cougar II" sure looks a lot like the Corvette introduced the year before this film. No wonder it remained "experimental".

You're absolutely right about the Cougar II, Mr. Busyhands, and I note that the Allegro's front end looks a great deal like a '64 Dart as well.

My Dad had a white '64 1/2 Mustang just like the one shown at the end of the film, bone-stock except for the 289 V-8. My oldest brother totaled it a year later, and in response my Dad got a bone-stock '66 Galaxie 500 with a stolid 352 V-8. No one totaled that boring old tank. My Dad was happy as long as the car had an AM radio, an ashtray and a lighter. But what a comedown from a Mustang.

And by the way, isn't the score for this film great? They really put some craft into these films back then.

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