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Carspotters' Challenge #23--Swedish Edsel?

Let's journey back to Sweden this week to sample Scandanavian cars of the Sixties like this...'58 Edsel?????

How did that get there?--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from Ultra Swank; hat tip to Car Lust reader and commenter "toronado.")


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Interesting 3-wheeled bike configuration with a single wheel in back and two in front.

Two cars in particular I'd like to call everyone's attention to:

1. The black car next to the red Mini--I think it's a Trabant.

2. What is the racy little white over orange-yellow coupe further down the same row? It has me stumped.

Dunno about the orange-yellow coupe, but it's got a nice 'creamsicle' vibe.

Well the black car is not a Trabant - its probably a Peugeot 404:

The cream roofed orange number looks to be a Ford Taunus:

Anybody know what the car between the VW Ghia and Transporter is? Looks like an old Benz but I'm not sure.

Closest Row from right to left:
Edsel, Peugeot 403, VW Type 1, Volvo PV544, Volga??, Mercedes fintail

next closest:
Austin Mini, Peugeot 404, Mercury Comet, Mercedes ponton, Volvo 122, Ford Taunus 17M, VW Karmann Ghia, Mercedes ponton, VW Transporter

4th row, 3rd car from right, is that a gray Fiat 500 or something else? And a red one, or maybe a 600, (too blurry) first car on right edge 5th row.

I think that's a 1962 or '63 Fairlane, not a Comet.

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