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Carspotters' Challenge #15 -- Summer Vacation, 1965

This is what the parking lot at the Riviera Motel in Daytona looked like on a bright sunshine-y day in 1965. Brings back memories of long road trips in the '64 Belvedere for me; I'll be a lot of you have similar reactions.

Were you alive in '65?See anything noteworthy?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the Station Wagon Forum's collection of vintage street scenes, to which it was contributed by member "yellerspirit.")


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Nearly every car in the photo is red, white or blue!

Wow, this one really hits home to me Cookie. I actually looked over the picture to see if our car was in the picture. It was not uncommon to park at other hotels if we knew people staying there.

We were in Daytona Beach in the Summer of 1965 at the Sea Dip, not far from here. Back then, 3- and 4-story hotels were about the height limit. Later, in 1975, I saw a sign that said, "Dine on the 27th Floor."

I remember (I was 8) that any hotel 3 stories or taller had elevators, which is where I spent a lot of vacation time, just going up and down. I guess that was the closest I could come to driving at the time.

Oh yeah, car spotting. The two most interesting cars I see are a black Mustang in the back and a red and white (possibly) '57 Chevy station wagon; other than that, my only comment is that I don't see an import car in the bunch. Times sure have changed, eh?

Chuck, I too look at these photos and see all that American iron and can’t help but feel a little sad over where we are today. When I suggest buying an American car to support the home team people look at me like I’m sporting an additional appendage in an inappropriate place. As for this photo I guess all the Austin Healeys were parked at the country club.

@MarveH: It all depends on how you define "American iron," I suppose. What's more American, a Chevrolet Aveo imported from Korea, a Dodge Challenger built in Brampton, Ontario by a subsidiary of Fiat, or a Honda Accord built in Marysville, Ohio?

Seems to be a lot of full-size GM and mid-size MOPARS.
The cars look to be fairly new except for the 57 Chevy wagon and a 59 Ford.
Only One Mustang (black with white top behind the 57 Chevy).
What's the black car at the center right? Looks almost Mustang-ish, but perhaps a bit too small. A Sunbeam Alpine with a hardtop?

John B, I think that black car may be a '64 (or so) Pontiac LeMans... I see a curve in the sheet metal below the rear window that looks like the GM style of the time.!!gu-dyQ!mE~$%28KGrHqQOKnMEy1t9tWyLBM2K%29uUg%28w~~_4.JPG

I see a beautiful 2-door blue and white 1958 Ford

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