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Carspotters' Challenge #8 -- T-Bird at the T-Bird

This week's challenge is the parking lot of the Thunderbird Motel in Lake Tahoe, California, sometime in the middle of the 1960s. It's perfectly appropriate that a Thunderbird (a 1964-66 "Flair Bird," to be precise) would be parked by the motel office.

Greetings from Lake Tahoe. Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.The rest I'll leave to you carspotters.

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Postcard image from Ultra Swank.)


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I cant figure any car out. I'm too distracted by all the colors.

The first two I can make out are a '59 Olds and a '60 T-Bird.

I think I see a red Beetle lurking over there on the right, a couple of cars down from the white (circa) '65 Chevy pickumup truck.

I see a '59 Oldsmobile (Holiday?) a 58 Thunderbird, a Ford Galaxie, and 63 Chevy C-10.

I think that's a red '63-'64 Dodge Dart parked on the other side of the Chevy truck

I'm not seeing the "Flair Bird". I do see a '58-'60 "Square Bird" (as mentioned by peter.)

There is alot of colors on that 3x5. These cars are alittle before my period of interest. Had a '62 or '63 chevy pickup like that though with those big 'eyebrow' parking lights in the hood,'bout '85.

The blue car next to the '59 Olds is a '61 Mercury.

I stand corrected--the Thunderbird next to the office is indeed a "Square Bird."

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