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Carspotters' Challenge #7 -- Get Your Antlers On

We're in Moose Lake, Minnesota, population about 1,500, sometime in the middle 1960s. There's a Monkey Ward's and a Red Owl, but no flying squirrels.

"Hoo boy, moose and squirrel reference. Sharrup you mouth!"Have at it, carspotters!

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Postcard image obtained from the "Main Street" postcard collection at


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I haven't seen a Red Owl in years. Went to The Pig a few years ago though.

Not that that has anything to do with cars. . . .

I see a UFO.

I see a couple of 68 Chevy station wagons, a 66 Ford (not sure if Galzxie or Fairlane) and a Buick Skylark not enough pixels to work out everything else

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