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Carspotters' Challenge #6 -- Can you smell what the Swedish Chef is cooking?

This is the waterfront in Helsingborg, Sweden sometime in the 1960s. At that time, the city was a major hub for ferry service to Denmark.

"Bork bork bork!"The rail geek in me is drawn to the baby locomotive in the lower center of the frame, working the industrial branch which runs right through the middle of the ferry terminal plaza. There's plenty of cars for your car-spotting enjoyment, however. What do you see?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Postcard image obtained from Ultra Swank.)


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Sweden? Would it be safe to say I see a Volvo? :-)

Looks like a gray/blue PV followed by an orange PV-based panel delivery or wagon. And maybe one more gray/blue PV wagon near the red bus. Not sure on any of this.

I'm counting between 5 and 7 VW Beetles in this postcard. Looks like you could get any color bug you wanted in Sweden, as long as it was red or white. :-)

Hey, I think I see a blue... BUS! Wait, there's 2 of them. No wait - 3! Looks like a red bus too. 2 of them? Yes I believe there are. And a yellow one. And a black one...

And yes, the rest of the cars look like Volvos and VW Beetles - there's probably a Saab thrown in there somewhere too...

Seriously? Is this the best you guys can come up with for Carspotters' Challenge? It's worse than the fixed-sized Carspotters' Challenge #3 -- Pigeon Point, Seattle, 1962 and the grainy Carspotters' Challenge #4 -- "Y-Town is My Town!" posts. I'm sorry for the rant, but tell me if I'm wrong!

I see a train.

Did you guys see this one on that same website? A really interesting assortment and great image quality.

(Looks at Toronado's link)
How the hell did a '58 Edsel end up in Sweden??

J Paul, "How the hell did a '58 Edsel end up in Sweden??"

Well, nobody here wanted them. ;)

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