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Carspotters' Challenge #5 -- Packed to the Rafters

1966 was certainly a very good year for automobiles, and this Jewel-Osco "Master Market" in Chicago, which had free rooftop parking, was doing a lively trade on a winter's day when this picture was taken. Must've been the 49¢ ground beef and the 9¢ bananas that were drawing them in.

Jewel osco 1966You've got a whole parking deck to work with, plus the parallel parking out front. See anything interesting?

--Cookie the Dog's Owner

(Photo obtained from the retail history blog Pleasant Family Shopping.)


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From left to right on the street:

59-60 Buick LeSabre (in front of it looks like the rear end of a 67-68 Chevy Impala wagon)

66-67 Buick Skylark

65-66 Mustang

57 Chevy (dirty!)

64-65 Buick Skylark

On the roof, in no particular order:

65 (?) Cadillac

Red VW Beetle

Next to the Beetle, looks like maybe a 67-68 Chrysler Newport (?), next to that perhaps a similar vintage Dodge Monaco (?)

Parked along the side in front of the Cadillac looks like perhaps a 64 Chevy Bel Air post 2-door (?), in front of that looks like a 64 Tempest/LeMans sedan, then another VW Beetle, in front of that looks like maybe a 67-68 Pontiac Catalina/Bonneville (?)

That's pretty much it

If I may be so bold, when I see bananas for 9¢ a pound, ground beef for 49¢ a pound, and hams for 29¢ a pound, it makes me long for "The good ole days."

On that 57 Chev, is that dirt or bondo?

3 bugs on the roof. :-)

Most of the cars have road salt on them, this is a Jewel in Chicago area; Oak Park IL. The '57 Chevy looks like a typical teen's ride of the mid 60's.

I grew up near it and went with my mother often, loved to ride up to the roof.

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