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January 30 Weekly Open Thread: "Our Cars Week"

Well, here we go folks, with another Car Lust "Our Cars Week." We have guest writers from all over the planet contributing their personal vehicles for us to embrace, along with a familiar face or two.

Here are a few images from some previous "Our Cars" articles. This week has some nice ones as well, and with the volume of excellent submissions, we may even go longer... possibly even into a fortnight.


OCW 1 OCW 10

OCW 15






  OCW 11


OCW 9 OCW 13


In addition to these images of automobilia, this Weekly Open Thread is also the place to chat about anything else even somewhat automotive-related. Like that new solar-powered car that never stops for fuel. Or the one you can crash into a wall at 80 and survive. And my favorite, the one that the factory pays you to drive.

They're really out there... aren't they?

--That Car Guy (Chuck)


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You forgot the one that runs on water. Oh wait, that's been kept under wraps by Big Oil for 50 years.

Does any other blog exist where one can read an impassioned story about an Olds Omega w/a white vinyl top and slot rims?

Al, this is a Nova post, but it does show and mention an Omega:

Oh Al, here's the post with the Omega as pictured above:

Guys, are you all aware about the passing of the Ford Econoline?

Someone should write about 'em. Someone that has actually worked with 'em (so that counts me out). I've had a bit of Van Lust for 'em and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Quite sad. I wanted to buy a new E-series van, make a retro 70's cruising van. There is still the the GMC Savanna and Chevy Express, but I don't care much for post 1996 GM.

My only experience with an Econoline van is being a passenger in one that A) stranded us and B) Nearly burned to the ground.

Evil van.

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Pictured above: This is a forlorn Chevy Vega photographed by reader Gary Sinar. (Share yours)

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