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January 23 Weekly Open Thread

Last chance to be on our blog! Our Cars will run next week and this is the last week we will be accepting reader submissions. For those unfamiliar with this, Our Cars is our semi-regular reader-powered feature in which readers are invited to share the stories about their own cars that they have loved and despised over the years. Car Lust's contributors will likely chime in as well, but this is really about our readers sharing their own stories.

Most of our Car Lust contributors began their career with this blog by contributing Our Cars posts. If any of you are interested in contributing to this blog, Our Cars is the way to start.

If you're interested in participating, here are some suggested steps and guidelines:

  • Choose a car (or, I suppose, multiple cars) with which you actually have some personal experience. Ideally, this would be a car that you personally owned, but it's possible to put together a great Our Cars post on a car that you drove regularly (like a friend's car, a company car, or a parent's car).
  • Tell the story of why you found that car interesting; the more the car interests you, the more it will likely interest the rest of us.
  • Don't feel bad if the car you'd like to write about isn't a supercar; most of us find everyday cars as interesting, or potentially even more interesting, than exotic hardware.
  • Include some pictures to help us follow the story and appreciate your car. Ideally, they would be pictures of your actual car, bu representative images are fine as long as you credit the source.
  • E-mail your piece to us using the "E-mail Car Lust" link in the right column of the blog under Car Lust Contributors.  We'll take submissions through January 27.
  • If you're looking for some good examples, read this, this, and this. Or, simply browse through all of our Our Cars posts; the farther back you go into the archives, the more reader-submitted posts you'll see.

--Amazon Automotive Editors.


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Our snow has nearly all melted, thank God. Though I did have a jolly good time doing a little minor drifting while driving around. The Spousal Unit, however, did not appreciate my good fun.

Should I tell you that I did 108 on snow in a Mustang II once?

Probably not.

Uh, guys, are you aware that Car Lust posts are featured, or more specific, tagged here?:

Is Car Magik one of Amazon's blogs? What's the deal?

I want royalties!

I'm guessing that's not gonna continue on for much longer.

Gents, I wrote a lengthy write up, with a lot of humor, on Facebook, that details the many Car Lust-worthy vehicles ive owned. I hope you find it worthy, but if nothing else, you'll enjoy the read, and the story of a boy who wanted automotive greatness but found happiness in mopeds and racing cars, Pontiac Sunbirds, and minivans.

Here's the link:


Michael, I'm not sure which of your cars I like the most... your Pinto or the 850. Each have special memories.


Hello....I'm looking for a photo of a 1950 black Buick Roadmaster or Super for a story I'm writing that will result in a book....the story is about a '50 Buick that I had..Does anyone have a photo I could use?

Hello....I'm also looking for a photo of an old junked convertible with the top damaged/ragged to be used in a story to be published in a book. Photo credit will be given in the book.....thanks

When I got married in 1977 our vehicle was a '65 Dodge Van that I fixed up "sin bin" style. From that humble beginning we have had the pleasure of owning two '70 VW Bugs, '78 Subaru, '67 Plymouth Valiant, '70 Saab 99, '67 Saab 96 with the three banger, '74 Saab 99 five door, '74 FIAT 124 coupe, '67 Chevy Van, '76 Gremlin, '65 Plymouth Sport Fury, '70 Volvo, ,'74 Ford Courier, ,72 Dodge Van, '79 Mustang Cobra, '80 Subaru wagon, '76 Saab 99, '80 Plymouth Reliant, '70 Buick Centurion convertible, '80 Datsun hatchback '85 Dodge Lancer, '90 Chevy Corsica, '90 Dodge Spirit, '95 Chevy Cavalier, '85 Dodge Van '90 Mazda Navajo, '87 Ford Van, '95 Dodge Neon, '87 Saab Turbo in roughly this order. Never have traded in the wife.

In those early married years we did find ourselves needing to borrow a car from my in-laws time to time. These included a '67 Dodge Dart, '63 Ford Galaxie, '79 Dodge pickup and an '80 Dodge Omni.

We currently have running a '95 Saab 9000 six cylinder, '00 Ford Explorer, '08 Hyundai Accent( the first car we bought brand new), two MG Midgets, '74 and '76, '73 MGB GT and restoring a '59 MGA. I'd be hard pressed to decide which one to share.

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