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December 26 Weekly Open Thread

This week we have a video on a "time capsule" car, of a sort. I stumbled upon Rachel and her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente through various and sundry links while looking into true time capsules -- namely this list of 10 Incredible Time Capsules first posted a couple of years ago. Anyway, here's Rachel from 2009:

Love all the 'lifetime warranty' parts she buys.

To my mind, this is sort of a marginal "time capsule" car since it's been driven all these years; a true time capsule car to me would be more like something that was garaged for some reason shortly after purchase and left virtually untouched in the intervening years -- something like the Ghost BMW dealership. OTOH, Rachel pretty much left the thing stock so in a lot of ways it's the same car. The same moniker is being applied to houses these days especially for those interested particularly in mid-century architecture and design (living in a 1954 house I visit Retro Renovation quite often, which is where I found Rachel's Caliente video in the first place).

Occasionally, I'm a bit sad that I didn't leave my old Mustang II in original condition, but, eh, everything but the drive-train is mostly original so I don't mind too much. Any Car Lusters out there driving the same old (literally!) time capsule car lo these many years? And, as always, feel free to discuss anything else that pops to mind.


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Got a Kindle Touch for Christmas & subscribed to Car Lust with that. There needs to be more Amazon blogs that are free!

Anyone else out there in Kindleville - subscribe & leave us a review if you would!

I think my truck is becoming a time capsule. It's a 2003 model, has 16,000 miles, and still smells new.

We just recently sold our 2001 Outback and bought a 92 Nissan Truck. It's in many ways a rough old beast, and if not a time machine in the sense of Rachel's Comet Caliente, it certainly hearkens back to a much more simple time, a time when men were Men, women were Women, and trucks were stout but comfort-free creatures meant for Working Folk. I'll have to write a full post about it sometime, maybe for Our Cars week?

Rachel is just too cool for words. Her Mercury is a magnificent example of 50th-percentile Detroit iron; all the more wonderful for not being hotrodded or turned into a trailer queen.

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